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Mack Gibson: What Makes a Great Columnist?

To be a columnist in Houston, TX, a lot of factors play into the success of a good career. Knowing the audience is as important as the actual ability of a writer. Mack Gibson has developed an incredible reputation as a columnist for his ability to tell tales, in a way that relates to his audience. And in a city so vibrant, it takes a lot for a columnist to capture stories and convey them in the most captivating ways.

The insatiable need most writers have in finding a good story is a continuous battle. More and more authors are discovering incredible lengths to the imagination, and with a growing world of tales, it’s becoming harder and harder to find stories that can impress, captivate, and thrill an audience like no other. Readers are now spoilt with incredible stories that can depict a journey through pages and pages of books, and one of the more difficult problems most columnists experience, is finding a way to tell real stories that can have the same impact as the tales and fiction stories that the world of literature has grown to love.

Mack Gibson’s reputation as a great columnist in Houston, TX did not come about from luck. He has a few tricks up his sleeve that has proven to emit a certain feel of home in his columns. He has his own way of learning the essence of a story and expressing it in a way that has his audience both captivated and touched. And it isn’t just Mack Gibson’s great talent that elevates his columns to a whole new level, it’s how well he has captured the personality of his audience as well.

Mack Gibson was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He practiced as a lawyer in the city for more than 40 years. As a young child, he was immersed in the entire culture of Houston. He encountered different personalities and families from all walks of life in the city. His experience as a lawyer gave him the perfect platform to truly learn about the people of Houston, Texas. From years of learning different stories as a lawyer, understanding different people in different situations of their lives, Mack Gibson has managed to grasp something that’s rare. In the years he has served the people of Houston, he has managed to capture a clear idea of the community he worked for.

Mack is a writer known to contribute to many different newspapers in Texas. He writes in a way that can reach and captivate any reader. His columns are known to provide a clear sense and idea of the story he is aiming to share. And for this, he has always been welcomed to write the most intriguing and interesting stories in Houston and all around Texas.

To make any column stand out above the rest, Mack Gibson does a phenomenal job of making his stories relatable. This somehow translates to his audience, achieving the best understanding of the situation he is writing about. Mack as a columnist, doesn’t just simply explain and describe the stories he tells. He has a unique way of explaining situations as simply as possible. But with the simplest of words, he emits the exact emotion that he wants to portray, words that his audience can easily grasp. Because Mack understands the culture of Houston, the way people think, their values and beliefs, he can write his columns in a way that best suits the ideologies of his community.

As a columnist in Houston, TX and as someone who has been part of the community for most years of his life, Mack Gibson has the impeccable ability to share stories in a light that his community appreciates, internalizes, and learns from. He has captivated thousands of people with the way he tells stories. And he continuously proves that with years of helping the different people of Houston, Texas, he has learned what moves their hearts and what stories are most important to them. Moreover, his obligation as a story teller defines beyond what his job is. He has catapulted his creative outlet to become an important stand-point, where he tells the stories his audience wants and needs to hear. To read more of his works, visit