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How to Make a Wig Appear Flawlessly Natural

Guangzhou, China 19th June, 2017 : Whether you are new or a regular in wearing wigs, everybody can use a few handy tips. Even those that are made of natural human hair can stick out like a sore thumb if it misses the last finishing touches. That is something for the wearer to add to make the extension look as natural as your real hair. Here are a few little tips that can make the wig wearing experience much more confident.

Customize the Haircut

The first thing to do with your new wig is to give it a little personal touch. In all likelihood, it came with a celebrity-grade haircut, but you can do better. Set the wig with frontal bangs in place and with the help of a small scissor make some trims and cuts here and there to give it the best fit possible with your face. Thin it out from inside if required. You don’t want the wig to make your hair look unnecessarily bushy.

Play Down the Shine

This may be a little difficult to resist but you need to dial down the luster of the hair. Too much shine is the first thing that makes even premium Brazilian hair wigs look unnatural. Though human hair wigs do not shine like plastic, sometimes they have a little extra shine from the spray and polish. Try to dull it down a bit with a spray and dab of water.

Blend the Extensions with Your Own Hair

With the help of the back of a rat tail comb, blend the wig with your own hair along the hairline. This gives the hair a much more natural look and feel than anything else. Pull out thin tufts of your hair from the parting to fall over the wig.

Style the Locks with the Right Products

Styling products are a must for wigs. With them on, you are free to use styling gels and sprays liberally to give your hair the perfect salon finish that you always yearned for.

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