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When to Replace your AC Unit?

With proper inspection and maintenance, life span your AC unit is maximum 10-15 years. Sometimes, to replace your air conditioner is much more cost effective instead of repairing it.

Let’s check when it is the right time to replace your AC unit.

  • As age is the first indicator to check whether it’s time to replace your AC unit or not. Due to outdated or old technology and less maintenance, old air conditioner is less efficient as compare to the new ones.
  • The required SEER for AC unit was 10 until 2006. But now the requirement is 13, which implies 30% less power expended and paid for. The AC models with SEER 16 are commonly seen nowadays. It means modern AC units consume 60% less energy as compare to 2006 models. If you want to replace your AC unit, we can help you to determine exactly how much you can save in new AC unit.
  • If your air conditioner needs frequent repair or something is seriously wrong with your AC unit, it is important to replace the unit. The frequent repair cost must be high. So it is beneficial to invest in a new unit instead of wasting money on the repairs.

If you are facing the same problems or have notice some of these signs in your air conditioner, you can call a professional who is well experienced, will have the proper knowledge and can determine the state of your air conditioner unit.

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