Everything You Need to Know About the UK 5 Tier Visa System

Leaving home and moving to the UK will probably be one of the most nerve-wracking/exciting moments of your life. However, before coming to the UK, it is very important that you are in-the-know about any legal issues you may be faced with. One of the key things you should be aware is the 5 Tier System which is in place when you are wanting to get yourself a UK visa. This is a system which came into place in 2008, and it is a system which is based on points. The amount of points you receive is dependent on your age, experience, and the ability you have as a worker.

Tier 1

If you are given a tier 1 visa, you will be either an entrepreneur, investor or someone who has ‘exceptional talent’. As a tier 1 entrepreneur, you will be someone from outside the EU who has a budget of at least £50,000 to start a new business in the UK. The difference between an entrepreneur and an investor is that the investor will need at least £2,000,000 to invest in a business which is already in place in the UK. Last of all, the ‘exceptional talent’ category is for someone who is skilled in the medicine, engineering, digital technology or arts industries.

Tier 2

People given a tier 2 visa will be either sponsored by a UK business, workers who have been transferred to a UK branch of their company, religious ministers and sportspeople. For the first two people, it is fairly simple as long as there business is registered in the UK. The same can be said for the religion ministers as long as their religion is registered in the UK. Then for the sportspeople, they have to be classed as ‘elite’ by their sport’s governing body.

Tier 3

The tier 3 visa was never actually implemented. The reason for this is that it was meant for people who were unskilled. However, the government saw no reason to allow these people to enter the country, so it the tier was officially removed in 2012.

Tier 4

This visa is for foreign students who want to study in the UK. The primary guideline for this visa is that they have to be on a course which requires at least 20 hours of studying a week.

Tier 5

This visa is for someone who comes to work in the UK on a temporary basis. As long as this person has a work contract which shows they will be in the country only for a pre-scheduled amount of time, there will be no problem getting the 5th tier visa.