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Back & Neck Pain: When to Consult a Neurosurgeon?

Are you among the desk bound professionals who spend most of their time slouching in front of compute and come home with irritating neck and back pain? Or you experience back or neck ache after an hours of enjoying golf. In many cases some ibuprofen or aspirin eases the pain but sometimes it doesn’t work.

Neck Pain

Majority of neck pains are not serious and easily managed by the physicians. Often, neck pain can be due to a strain, which may be a result of habitual posture or to abrupt positioning.

Proven remedies for neck pain

Depending primarily on the causes of neck pain, treatment can be non-surgical or surgical. One common cause of the neck pain is disc herniation. This happens when the cervical disk located between cervical vertebrae gets misaligned after a mechanical trauma. It heals over time. The finest way to relieve the pain and treat the condition is rest, restriction of physical activities and mobility. A cervical collar can also be applied around the neck as a support and to restrict movement.

Other remedies (nonsurgical) for neck pain include:

• Steroidal injections

• A traction device that helps relieving pressure on the nerves- the device pulls your head when you are lying or sitting down

• Effective treatment for whiplash injuries of the neck are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

• Cases of cervical can be treated through conservative methods so long as the pain is restricted to the neck only, but stenosis has to be referred to the best neurosurgeons.

• Physiotherapy

In case you spend most of your time while sitting on desk, here are some ways to prevent neck pain:

• If you work for long hours in front of computer relax your neck muscle

• Take a break at every hour and so some exercises

• Some stretching exercises may be helpful

• Observe proper posture by keeping the head over your spine

• You should keep your knees lower than hips

• The monitor level needs to be at eye level of slightly lower

• Stop tucking your phone between the ear and shoulder

When conservative treatments do not offer relief for a long time and condition becomes worse, you need to consider surgical options very carefully. Surgery may avoid muscle wastage.

Back Pain

Some reliable sources revels that more than 90 percent back pains result from pinched nerves as the nerves exits from the spinal cord. The spinal cord encases nerves that go directly to the brain called sensory nerves and the nerves from the brain that exit out of the spinal cord are motor nerves. The spinal cord generally extends from the base of the neck down in between the buttock. The spinal cord is made of a series of vertebral bones separated carefully by a vertebral disc. The motor nerves originate from the brain naturally going down through the spinal cord and exit from each spinal vertebra to different muscle parts of the human body. In case the nerves get pinched in between the spaces of vertebral bones they cause extreme uncomfortable back pain.

Back pain is common among aging people. The spinal cord often degenerated and narrows the spinal cord canal. As a result of which, nerves get compressed and chronic pain occurs. Arthritis and osteoporosis are also some of the commonest causes of back pain.

Back pain remedies

Some non-steroidal inflammatory drugs such as naproxen, ibuprofen or muscle relaxants can be taken to ease back pain. Taking some rest and limiting your activities may also help you relieving the pain. Alternating heat and ice compresses, electrical stimulation and exercises will help you improve flexibility and muscle strength. Surgery is an option for chronic pain which occurs in fusion of two vertebrae or surgical removal of disc.

If you are the one experiencing neck and pain so often, you must consult an orthopedic surgeon or best neurosurgeons. An experienced neurosurgeon with the help of some advanced techniques can do effective surgery for pinched nerves or herniated discs. A fine decision on the treatment may free you from a lifetime of pain.

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