How To Protect The Innocent In The Face Of Injustice

The American dream is a long held ideology that lures many people to cross illegally into the country. Despite the multiple legal forms of immigration in place, there are a great deal of those who don’t qualify, meet the prerequisites, or simply cannot afford the lengthy and often costly process. Whether they are fleeing hardship, unjust governments, religious persecution, or simply looking to build a better life; many cross the borders of this land in search of freedom. It is what drove the nation that exists today. Desperation has forced a large group of people to make their own way in this world. Known as the land of the free and the brave, the multitude of people coming to build their life in this sanctuary are frantic enough to face countless hardships in the pursuit of an ideal. From the deadly Mexican border which is known for its dangerous entry to the Canadian border which is under guarded and densely forested, millions of people attempt to find refuge in this realm.

With government systems in place to promptly remove illegal immigrants, the struggle to prove the need for asylum, rests with the alien. There are forms that can be filled out, appeals that can be made, and structures in place that allow for review of all cases. The fear of deportation is prevalent with immigrants in this country, even those who feel that they have met all necessary requirements. It is the moment that Immigration and Customs Enforcement come and knock on a person’s door, that suddenly the deep rooted fear becomes reality. The burden of proof is then placed on the foreigner. This can be an overwhelming and difficult process. It isn’t as simple as filling out a form and following instructions. When an immigrant is deported they only have one chance to appeal. If for any reason their application is denied, they cannot reopen the process or beseech again. It’s a one time opportunity.

This stringent procedure is what necessitates an investment in a quality immigration attorney. There are a great deal of reasons that an application could be denied, from paying incorrect fees to not being able to substantiate medical evidence of hardship. Even with the strict laws in place there are ways to prove a need to remain in the United States. The list of exemptions and reasons for freedom can be broad and often require a qualified person to decipher them. Having a relationship or connection with someone in the ICE office can help bring insight into the expectations or reasons for acceptance of an appeal.

Millions of people live in the United States illegally. Most of them are here seeking work, caring for their families, or blending into their communities. They are here to live a life free of whatever forced them from their native land. Their reasons are strong enough to push them through the threat of prison, death, and even social rejection. The stress of deportation is always hanging over them and most attempt to live well within the bounds of the law. Their need to stay is usually worth the cost. Which is why there are lawyers who understand their struggle and can bring counsel and insight to a terrifying experience. With an advocate on their side, even the alien’s voice can be heard. Justice can be served and families remain intact.