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Making proper use of wheat/rice harvester combine

Wheat/rice harvester combine is an agricultural machine used for the harvesting of wheat or rice. It performs complete process of wheat harvesting – right from harvesting and threshing to grain cleaning. Proper use of the harvester combine not only enhances its performance, but also promotes greater longevity.

Here are a few tips that help make proper use of the harvester combine.

Turn on the harvester before harvesting

Prior to harvesting, the machine should be started and run at the rated speed in order to avoid gripping of knife bar by the straws.

Carefully choose the harvesting time

It is advisable to harvest the wheat or rice after 9 in the morning since it is little dew by then and the wheat or rice is drier. Additionally, do not use the harvester combine when it is raining or after it has rained since it might block the harvester and result in increased grain loss.

Adjust the header of the rice harvester

Harvesting the dwarf straws becomes difficult when the stubble heat is too high and it might also affect the sowing of next year. Adjust the header of the rice harvester at not lower than 6 cm since it will result in cutting of soil and further lead to damaging the knife bar.

Control the working speed

The working speed of the harvester combine is closely related to its working effect and the working efficiency. If the farming land is open, plain, and the grains are in yellow ripening stage, the harvester can be operated at a higher speed, otherwise the operator must slow down the working speed of the harvester.

Ensure that the machine runs straight

While harvesting the wheat or rice, the wheat/rice harvester should run straight. In addition, it should stop harvesting the crops when turning since continuing to do so might damage the crops.

Keep the throttle valve at opening position when harvesting

When the harvester leaves the cutting area, keep the throttle valve at medium or open position at approximately 30s to make sure that the wheat or rice grains in the machine are all out.

Clean the harvester after harvesting

No matter whether you are using the harvester combine India or anywhere else across the globe,  maintenance is necessary to keep the machine running properly. Usually, some soil or sundries are left in the machine after the crops are harvested which can corrode the harvester or result in blocking of the machine. So, don't forget to clean the machine after the crops are harvested. Oil the harvester and store it in a dry as well as airy space.

The harvester combine is one of the most economically important agricultural machines that promotes labor savings by reducing the fraction of manpower that must be indulged in agriculture. It plays chief role in simplifying harvesting jobs. However, to enjoy true benefits of the harvester combine, making proper use of it is extremely essential. So, bear these tips in your mind to keep your harvester up and running smoothly.