Racial Justice Advocates Celebrate House Passing of ‘Save the Internet’ Act

Groups call on Senate to fully restore Net Neutrality as an issue of racial justice

April 10, 2019

CONTACT: Imran Siddiquee,, 510.693.3800 x 403

WASHINGTON, DC -- The House of Representatives, in a 232-190 vote, overwhelmingly passed the Save the Internet Act today, which if passed by the Senate, will restore the comprehensive rules governing the Internet which were developed and passed under former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler in 2015. Racial justice groups, including the Center for Media Justice and the Media Action Grassroots Network, celebrated today’s vote as a victory for their movements—citing the years-long organizing done nationwide to fight for a free and open Internet for communities of color and those living on low incomes.

Titled the Save The Internet Act, today’s legislation seeks to reverse the Net Neutrality repeal order passed by Trump’s Federal Communications Commission in December 2017. It now moves to the Senate where advocacy groups intend to push for a swift and decisive passage.

The following quote can be attributed to Erin Shields, National Field Organizer for Internet Rights at the Center for Media Justice:

"The passage of the Save the Internet Act in the House of Representatives is a welcomed step towards restoring the critical rights people of color depend on to remain connected to a free and open internet. There’s too much at stake to turn the internet over to a handful of corporations more concerned with profit than communities. Whether we’re using the internet to shine a light on the social justice issues affecting our lives or starting online businesses to help support ourselves, a free and open Internet is critical to our ability to thrive as Black people and people of color in this country. The battle to save the Internet now shifts to the Senate, where they should vote to restore the protections so many, from all sides of the political spectrum, want and deem necessary. The Center for Media Justice alongside our allies will keep the pressure up in the Senate to ensure people of color are protected online by real Net Neutrality rules.”


Launched in 2009, the Center for Media Justice fights for racial and economic equity in a digital age.