Interesting Facts About Colleges Revealed

Colleges are some of the most important learning institutions in our modern academic structure. They are responsible for enabling students to get beyond their generalities of high school learning into a new level where their grades can now translate into quantifiable skills that add value to human life. For instance, a high school student who loves and excels in Math, Chemistry, and Biology does not add value to the medical fraternity since getting straight A’s in these subjects cannot attend to a patient in a hospital. But by joining a higher learning institution like a college, the aspiring doctor can translate those grades into a valuable career that adds value of human life.

Given the significant role colleges play in the development of human career,

dissertation chapters writing experts present some of the most interesting facts about colleges in the US and across the world. Read on to learn more.

  • The famous Harvard University is the oldest higher learning institution and corporation in the US

  • The Harvard University expelled learners in 1920 for engaging in homosexuality. This expulsion led to the suicide or two students

  • The name “university” is a short version of the Latin phrase that means “a community of masters and scholars.”

  • The famous term “bachelor” attached to college degrees means a “young knight” or “a novice in arms”

  • The men who have made the biggest contribution to human development in this generation were all college dropouts. Bill Gates founded Microsoft, Steve Jobs founded Apple, and Mark Zuckerberg established Facebook

  • Before the American Civil War, it was a crime to profane the Sabbath or disbelieve the Bible at Yale University

  • The foundation of the Harvard University is the Knowledge of God through Jesus Christ

  • Out of all the 20,000 applicants who apply to join the University of Yale, only 1,300 of them get admitted

  • A good college has nothing to do with the prestige it offers students but the quality and quantity of the opportunities it presents them to develop their careers

  • The University of Yale has the second largest library in the US with more than 9.5 million volumes

  • Harvard has the largest library in the US with more than 13.6 million volumes

  • Many college students in US colleges are members of occult organizations, especially Skill and Bones

  • It is sad that in 2009, only 15,496 college students in the US graduated with a degree in Math while 347,985 had business degrees. Does it confirm the college joke that the term “Maths” means “Mental Activities That Harm (innocent) Students?”

  •  About 23 percent of full-time undergraduates under the age of 24 work more than 20 hours weekly to meet their needs

  • More students are turning their interest to degrees in park, fitness, recreation, and leisure studies

  • Only 12 percent of Asian students will work more than 20 hours to meet their personal needs

  •  A mere 26 percent of scholars attend private not-for-profit colleges and universities

  •  The current yearly annual earnings among 47 percent of undergraduate scholars’ families is below the $40,000 mark

  • It is sad that the state of California spends more money on prisons than sponsoring college education

  • Even though Norway has its own natural oil reserves, oil products are the most expensive in this European nation. The reason is that instead of subsidizing fuel, they use the proceeds to fund colleges

  • The largest state university in the US is the Arizona State University while the largest privately owned nonprofit university is the University of New York

  • Only a mere 3 percent of all undergraduates are war veterans while a paltry 1 percent are working in the military

  • About 26 percent of all first-time undergraduates take at least one remedial course

  • The colleges majors that pay the highest are engineering, economics, and physics

  • Did you know that the Harvard Stadium is the first structure in the world to get a concrete reinforcement?

  • The term college simply means “a community or society.” The first time the Latin word was used to refer to learning institutions was in the 14th century when it referred to Oxford and Cambridge Universities

  •  In the last three decades, the cost of buying college textbooks has risen by 812%. This rise is even higher than that of other essential services such as health, tuition, and even rent

  •  The famous NBA player Tim Duncan chose to stay in college for four years even when he was ready to earn money playing basketball. The reason is that before his mom died, she made him swear to graduate with a college degree

  • The state of Utah is the only one in the US with more male college students than female ones

  • Only 40 percent of American college students are males

  • The Harvard college’s mean grade is A- while the most awarded grade is A. There is a possibility of graduates infiltrating the system

  • Did you know that in 2005, a witty student in the UK raised more than $ 1 million to fund his college education? He only needed to create a one-million-pixel webpage and put out the space for a cost of $1 per pixel. Moreover, he did it within a half a year

  • Do you know that despite the prevalence of the digital revolution, studies in the US and the world over prove that many college students prefer using physical books to digital ones?

  • An average graduate owes more than $37,000 in the form of student loans

  • Studies show that some 59 percent of millennial graduates don’t know when they will pay their students loans

  • A few students usually strive to pay off their loans. In 2015, about 21% of all student borrowers schooling in noncommercial community colleges defaulted their loan repayment within two years

  • According to a survey conducted by CBS News, about 46.5 percent of all the participants confessed that they sleep often or occasionally during classes

  • At least 25 percent of all American college students have an STI. Sad.

You are now up to date with the fun-packed facts about colleges? What is funny about yours?