iNLP Center

In-House Life Coach and NLP Training

The iNLP Center proposes to do in-house NLP and life coaching training. iNLP will contract with corporations to deliver certification training. The course content is derived from two iNLP Center trainings:

INA-Approved NLP Practitioner Certification Training

Accredited Life Coach Training Online

All NLP and coaching trainers are iNLP Center staff or otherwise trained or qualified by iNLP.

Training engagements require a six--month commitment by the company. During the engagement, all enlisted employees must commit one hour per week to independent study in the iNLP online learning modules.

Live training classes will be held weekly @one hour per week.

Q&A sessions will be held as needed as a regular agenda item in regularly-scheduled staff meetings.

Live sessions, including involvement in staff meetings, will be held on

Training Module Cycle

  1. Students will study up to one hour to prep for the live sessions.
  2. During the live session, the trainer will provide education, Q&A, and practice.
  3. Between live sessions, students will practice with each other and prepare for the next live session.

NLP and Coaching Content to be Covered

Importance of Communication Skills

The Soft Skills Gap

What is Life Coaching?

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Introduction to VAK Model

Introduction to Rapport and Non-verbal Communication

Dealing with Adversity

Building Teams and Fostering Cooperation