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Five Things You Need To Know About Home Inspections

Buying a home is one of the biggest achievements in a person's life. But, the process to buy one is no less daunting, especially if the buyer has never ever been through this process. Therefore, to help you out in the best possible way, given below are the 5 things a buyer should know about home inspection. It plays a vital role in the home buying process.

Inspections are optional

Unlike the reality TV show in the real world, it’s all up to the buyer to decide which inspections they would like completed or if any at all. However, they are always recommended that a property may look pristine on the outside, but may have major flaws on the inside. Thus, it gives the buyer an idea of the problems in the house even before he or she buys it, allowing the buyer to negotiate with the seller to cover the cost of some repairs. Though, do make sure before you decide to go for the inspection what your responsibilities are when it comes to fixing problems that would arise when you own the property.

Buyers are responsible for the inspection

Most of the first-time home buyers are not aware of the fact that they are the ones responsible for the home inspections. Therefore, in order to get to the settlement table, they usually agree to hire a home inspector and get the inspection completed in a reasonable amount of time. Instead, leave yourself a sufficient amount of time to pick a qualified and well-insured inspector, to bring him out to view the property. Do not rush through the process and don't be intimidated by the price tag, paying it is truly for your benefit. And, remember the home inspector really works for you, not the seller.

Is your home inspector, ASHI certified?

The only right way to hire a professional home inspector is to ensure he is a certified inspector by a national non-profit organization called American society of home inspectors (ASHI). They are the ones who are professionally trained to identify problems, even if they are small enough to be missed by the others. Therefore, they are legally bound to carry out a rigorous set of standards as well as a code of ethics to protect the buyer's interest.

The inspections done by them have a complete and a detailed report that is kept confidential for every single buyer. In order to find a quality inspector go to the website of ASHI and hire the one who has the ACI credentials, not just an associate or a member and especially not a referral for a home inspector from the real estate agent.

Does your home inspector carry the mandated insurance?

By law, every home inspector must be insured for a certain amount as per the state insurance requirements for errors & omissions and general liability for home inspections. Therefore, if you are not aware of your state insurance requirements then do make sure to confirm. And, then ensure that your potential home inspector insurance policy do actually lists the coverage for the home inspection and not for the construction, roofing, painting, etc. Moreover, do make sure that your home inspector insurance policy is not just only insured for the home inspection, but also for additional services listed specifically as an added coverage such as:

  • Pools & spa

  • Septic and well flow

  • Windstorm inspection

  • Mortgage field services

  • Foreclosure inspection

What does a home inspection cover & what doesn't?

Since every single property is unique in its own way, therefore, the specifics of what is checked out during a home inspection can slightly differ. However, the truth is that no single inspection is going to cover every aspect of the home. So, be aware of the things a qualified inspector will check and it's limit too.

Here are a few areas that an inspector will definitely check:

  • Foundation and basement

  • Interior plumbing & electrical systems

  • Heating & cooling systems

  • Conditions of windows, doors & door frames

  • Conditions of floors, walls & ceilings

The areas that don't often make the cut:

  • Inside the walls

  • Septic tanks

  • Wells & sheds

  • Additional structure separate from the main house

  • Roof or the chimney

So, are you all geared up with the right facts to get the home of your dreams inspected?