instagram video downloader

Instagram video downloader

A few weeks ago we told you how you could download your photos of Instagram in high quality directly from your browser. Now let's do the same but telling you how to download your Instagram videos. That yes, this time is not going to be so easy and we will need to pull a third page to get it.

On the net there are a huge number of pages that allow you to download your videos from the Internet. From all today we will show you one called, basically because it has a function to activate automatically when you enter two characters in the direction of your video. This way you simplify the most how you can do it.

Now see how instagram video downloader works -

Open new Window

The first thing you have to do is to locate the video you want to see. You can do it in your feed or enter directly into the profile of whoever uploaded it. Once located, right click on the video and choose the option open in new tab. This is something you can also do directly from your feed or any video you find at any time.

Put q in the beginning of the instagram url

Having opened it in a new tab , you will see that the video address has a format like Now just click on the address and add q before instagram.

You will see that the browser will be loaded. It will take several seconds, but when finished you have taken directly to and you will have loaded your Instagram video, so now you only have to find and press download button to start downloading the video. On your right you will see the exact space it occupies.