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Effective Ways to Divide Your Home Into Zones

Your home is your castle… This old saying will never go out of fashion. Actually, it’s no wonder, because everyone wants to live in a comfortable house, which will also be functional. To achieve this goal, the experts recommend dividing your home or apartment into several zones with regard to the needs, preferences and activities of your family members. By the way, this recommendation also contributes to the effective storage space economy. If you have a large family, this aspect often becomes a priority.

Prior to proceeding to the zonation of your dwelling, it makes sense to explore the trendiest house interior design ideas to have the understanding of what exactly you expect from the project. Having done that, you should start thinking over the process in details, taking into account the follows tips:

1. Plan the Zones According to your Habits

It is important to consider the habits of all your family members prior to getting involved into the process. The thing is that home zones are not the same in all the dwellings. Instead, they differ a lot with regard to the age, gender and preferences of family members, their hobbies and habits. Suppose, your family consists of two adults and two kids. 

There are certainly lots of things scattered around the house and it’s crucial to have them properly organized. This especially matters a lot, when you are in a hurry. In this case, it makes sense to organize a hallway zone first, where your family members will keep the items they need when going out somewhere. These may include mobile phones, keys, shoes, umbrellas, gloves, hats, jackets and what not.

Apply the same approach to other areas in your home, depending upon the things you do more often. These may be an entertainment zone, a financial zone (the one, where you fill out the bills, for example, a reading zone and what not).

2. Find the Places

Now that you have identified the major zones types you would like to see in your home, it’s high time to find a room for each of them. Yes, these zones should not be located in one or two rooms only, but this doesn’t mean, of course, that you can’t have a rest zone in several rooms (like in a living room and in a kids’ room, for instance).

Enlist the zones you are willing to organize, the rooms and supplies you will need to make these areas convenient and cozy. Thus, a financial zone is unthinkable without a table, a laptop or a tablet, a checkbook etc. Correspondingly, a rest zone should include a standing lamp, a sofa or a couch, a cozy armchair, a coffee table etc. Use your imagination when planning the layout of each zone.

3. Mark the Zones

The final step of the planning process is marking the areas. If you overlook this step, the zones may just be left unnoticed and your family members or guests won’t notice them at all. What’s the sense in organizing them then?

To avoid such situations, experts recommend using home decor accessories, furnishings and even wallpapers to mark the zonation. You can also paint the walls in the areas in different colors so that they could become visible. Another idea is to use curtain dividers, rugs or folding screens to separate the zones from each other.

As you see, the abundance of home zonation ideas is really impressive. However, don’t be in a hurry when planning the project. Think each step over and make the choice that will appeal to you and your family members.