Internet Service and Trends

Race Of Providing Tremendous Internet Speeds To America

AT&T, Google, and CenturyLink were in the limelight for some time now where they had plans to provide supersonic speeds for fiber optic internet access for a number of cities in the United States. Fiber Optic Internet service is provided by AT&T in a number of cities and soon Kansas City and there are other areas to come under the banner in the near future. On the other hand, CenturyLink is providing internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit/second in more than 15 cities. According to a research report, other cable providers are not capable of surpassing this speed for another year.

This is good news for businesses that are operating with a limited budget and a small size. Making fiber-optic internet services cost effective is a great progress that was not available in the past services. You can enjoy watching your favorite videos in HD in seconds. Apart from that, the additional benefit is that the speeds don’t fluctuate when it comes to downloading and uploading stuff from and to the web. Analysis reveals that cable internet speeds have 75 to 150 Mbps downloading speeds and 10 to 20 Mbps uploading speed which is way too slow than a 1 Gbps fiber optic connection. Also, it handles more data at a given time. If we look behind in time, speeds or fast internet connections just a need that was felt by people who needed to watch movies or needed a lag-free gaming environment. Now, businesses also require super-fast internet speeds to increase their productivity and run applications to communicate and use cloud-based platforms and services. Also, the need of staying in touch with the customers and other stakeholders who are responsible to run the business and maximize profits and achieve goals. Also, it is responsible to transfer files of different sizes and formats and platforms. A fast internet connection becomes one of the most cardinal assets in the era of today. With technology like cloud computing that involves keeping your data on secure servers operated by a reliable service provider needs and an efficient internet connection. To achieve this look out for CenturyLink internet deals that makes this possible and more affordable.

Fiber optic is one giant step towards of progress and adds an extra layer of advantage for organizations that use this technology. It is affordable and more convenient for you to run your business activity and accelerate the pace at which you run things for your business.