Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone without Computer

Sending text message is great for instant information exchanges. However, the sad part is, neither the handset maker (Apple for iPhone) nor the carriers will provide software, apps or a service to recover your deleted text messages on your iPhone. The reason is simple. If these deleted messages could be so easily recovered, they are risking the complaint press due to the sensitive information is too easily available.

Introduced by MiniCreo, Omni Recover is the best tool to recover deleted texts on iPhone without using computer or iTunes backup.

Your text messages are vulnerable to sudden and casual mistaken deletions. Even worse, these is no Trash bin in your message box to retrieve them. In some cases, you may fail to create backup for your iPhone as iTunes on your computer or iCloud backup service is somehow unavailable. Does it mean you'll lose your text messages for ever?

Not exactly. Now with Omni Recover you can have peace of mind knowing all your iPhone/iPad files are easily recoverable. From iPhone lost, stolen, water damage, to man-made accident, Omni Recover will help recover your deleted text messages and associated attachments on your iPhone without backup. Have a look at what is Omni Recover capable of.

  •   With industry leading iPhone Message Recovery capability, Omni Recover is able to recover both your SMS, iMessages, attached files and up to 15+ types of iOS data.
  •   Whether you have no backup for your iPhone on your computer, or you lose your iPhone, you can follow Omni Recover's smart wizard to recover your deleted photos.
  •   Since 2013, Omni Recover is based on huge and growing table of iPhone Message Recovery algorithms, which ensures the best chance to recover your lost texts.
  •   Unlike similar iPhone Data Recovery utilities, Omni Recover goes much further by knowing how to analyze your iPhone/iTunes backup system with minimal data intervene, and how to precisely get text messages you want without bringing in unnecessary operations.

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