A Great Way to Bring Thousands of Prospective Investors to Your Company's Website

For years now, larger companies have been using a tactic to bring in visitors to their Company to increase sales of products or services or to present the investment opportunity to those visitors.

The tactic is the NewsRoom on their website.

I am a strong believer of using available tools and technologies in as many ways as possible to pull prospective investors in to see our client companies.

Back in 2009 and 2010 the NewsRoom concept was created but never caught on with small companies. In our business, I consider the NewRoom a powerful tool to draw traffic to a company’s website and to see the investment opportunity in that company.

With current clients, we get between 3,000 to over 10,000 visitors a month to the client’s NewsRoom. Consider these stats against the usual handful of visitors per day to the average micro-cap company website.

We set up the NewsRoom much like an “auxiliary” investor site.

So what exactly is a NewsRoom?

In the NewsRoom we feature the client’s news and updates. These updates also include videos, presentations and anything else useful to a prospective investor looking at the company. However, what really drives traffic on a daily basis is the use of positive industry specific news. We curate positive industry specific news stories, videos, infographics and anything else of interest to investors and post them in the client’s NewsRoom.

We then re-write the headline (if needed) to catch viewer’s attention, using a tracking url such as Google’s url shortener and apply the appropriate hashtags. The post is then marketed on the Company’s social media platforms. We then track and report the results to the Client Company.

Within those curated stories, we have calls to action (CTA) that are specific to the client company such as “see our investor presentation” or “Sign up for email updates”.

A call to action is something eye catching on a page that has the intended effect of having the reader take a specific action. Other calls to action may include downloading the company presentation or viewing/downloading the company executive summary.

The NewsRoom is a great way to build awareness of a publicly traded company. This is significant when you consider that most micro-cap CEOs complain that it seems that their company does not exist at all to the investment community.

All of this is part of Client Side Investor Relations which we have illustrated below in an infographic. Download a high resolution copy of the infographic.