A Poetic Dance Journey Fusing Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Modern Dance and Ballet.

A Poetic Dance Journey Fusing Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Modern Dance and Ballet.

Choreographer Hervé Koubi makes his LA/OC area debut of a personal work, drawing his creative strength from his Algerian roots and Mediterranean culture.

YouTube: What the Day Owes to the Night

Irvine Barclay Theatre
4242 Campus Drive, Irvine CA | 949.854.4646

Compagnie Hervé Koubi:
What the Day Owes to the Night

Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 8pm
Tickets: $40, $45, $100

Harvé Koubi, a rising star on the international dance scene, discovered on his 25th birthday that his family’s origins were not from France but Algeria. Combining contemporary and urban dance movements, capoeira and martial arts, he set out on a personal choreographic journey to reveal his story.

In 2009, Hervé Koubi organized an audition in Algeria. The chosen twelve Algerian and Burkina Faso dancers, mostly coming from street dance and hip-hop, helped Hervé Koubi realize his long-term project: first, the creation of El Din (2010), and subsequently in 2013, What the Day Owes to the Night.

Koubi’s inspired choreography, giving audiences the feeling that they are not bound by gravity, thrives with powerful acrobatic and fluid imagery, fusing with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach with the Nubian composer Hamza El Din, performed by the Kronos Quartet, and Sufi music.

What the Day Owes to the Night takes its title from Yasmina Khadra’s novel about the childhood of Younes, a young man growing up in the 1930’s during the Algerian war for independence. Just as the young boy−an ordinary hero from the novel−journeys on a quest for a personal voice, so Hervé Koubi embarks on an exploration of his own family history and identity.

“I try to stay away from creating the spectacular just for the spectacle; but prefer to create something where the musicality of each dancer, of each body is in the service of the purpose of the performance.” – Hervé KOUBI

Part of the International Contemporary Dance Series

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“A stunning fusion of acrobatics, gymnastics, b-boying, modern dance and ballet.” The Washington Post

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Interview with Hervé Koubi

Compagnie Hervé Koubi

Compagnie Hervé Koubi, the French-based, Algerian-rooted troupe, combines contemporary and urban dance movements, capoeira and martial arts with powerful imagery and inspired gravity-defying choreography. The company made its U.S. debut in October 2015 at the 12th annual Fall for Dance Festival at New York City Center.

Company founder and choreographer of Algerian roots, Hervé Koubi grew up in the South of France. He holds a Doctorate of Pharmacology and Clinical Biology from the University of Aix-en- Provence. Upon deciding to concentrate on a career in dance, he pursued his education at the world renowned Rosella Hightower School of Dance in Cannes and Opéra de Marseille. He has worked with Jean-Charles Gil, Jean-Christophe Paré, Emilio Calcagno and Barbara Sarreau (all of whom greatly influenced Ballet Preljocaj) on the development of new contemporary dance projects.

In 1999, Koubi joined the National Choreography Center of Nantes, directed by Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche, where he helped develop the choreography for Hotel Central (2000). With Karine Saporta from the National Choreographic Centre in Caen (Normandy), he created Le Garage, essai sur la mystique Rock ("The Garage - Sitting on the Mystical Rock" - 2001); followed by the creation of Reliefs d'un banquet (2003) and D'Orient (2008) with Thor, Thierry Smits’ company, in Brussels.

In 2000, he established Compagnie Hervé Koubi with his first work, Le Golem, with collaborator Guillaume Gabriel, who has remained his collaborator on the majority of his creations to date. Koubi created Menagerie in 2002; and Les Abattoirs, fantaisie... in 2004; and in 2006, he worked with the musical artist Laetitia Sheriff on the creation of 4'30. Other professional experiences as a choreographer include various other projects with live music, outdoors on Cannes's world renowned Croisette promenade − Les Heures Florissantes -The Flowering Hours − for the Festival Cadences in Arcachon, as well as creating the contemporary and unusual work Moon Dogs – a discovery of the movements of Hip Hop.

In 2008, Koubi created three choreographic pieces based on three written works: Coppelia, une fiancée aux yeux d'email ("Coppelia, a Fiancée with Enamel Eyes"); The Supremes (a collaboration with writer Chantal Thomas); Bref sejour chez les vivants ("Brief visit with the living" - a collaboration with Roman Panassié). In 2009, he collaborated with dancers from the Beliga Kopé Company in Ivory Coast on the creation of Un rendez - vous en Afrique.

In 2009, Koubi held an audition in Algeria. The twelve chosen dancers (eleven from Algeria and one from Burkina Faso) created El Din (2010) and What the Day Owes to the Night. (2013).

Koubi has collaborated with videographers on several dance video projects: Chic Chef in 2009 with Max Vadukul for Yoji Yamamoto; Body Concrete in 2010 with Pierre Magnol; Body Concrete 2 in 2011 with Pierre Magnol and Michel Giumbard; Ovoid Edges in 2012 with Pierre Magnol; and with Stephane Chazelon for Une Histoire de Traces ("A History of Traces") in 2012.

Compagnie Hervé Koubi has developed residency partnerships with Ecuador, Mexico, Palestine, Algeria, Russia and Canada. Koubi is regularly invited as a guest teacher by various professional dance schools such as the Rosella Hightower School of Dance in Cannes, and by many others in France and abroad.

Hervé Koubi received the honor of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters (l’Ordre de Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres) by the French Ministry of Culture in July 2015.

The presentation of Compagnie Hervé Koubi – What the Day Owes to the Night – is made possible by the New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Dance Project, with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon.

National Endowment for the Arts

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