IT Checklist for Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

Merge or acquisition of an IT company is associated with a series of challenges. For example, the employees will be concerned about the changes that they will have to experience at the workplace and managers will be concerned about how their duties will be impacted. To overcome all these challenges, you can think about following a checklist. Below mentioned is such an IT checklist as recommended by IT support in Bristol for you to follow. By following this checklist, you will receive the opportunity to stay away from a great deal of hassle and frustration.

1.      Contracts

It is important for the IT team to get hold of all agreements, contracts and commitments that have been signed with external service providers and vendors. You should not expose to all these entities about the transition that you go through. But it is important to have a clear understanding about all the commitments that the company has with external entities. In addition, the IT team should also get hands on the contracts that have been signed off with the internal employees and IT department. Then it is possible to understand what the internal commitments are.

2.      Licensing of software

The IT team should also take control of all the software licensing related work during the acquisition. The transferable licenses are tricky and people you will have to face a lot of confusion when dealing with them in the long run. All the licenses should be managed in a case by case basis. Hence, it is important to take time and work on the licenses of software. The entitlements for all licenses should be taken into careful consideration to eliminate unforeseen circumstances in the long run.

3.      Take network access into consideration

The IT teams must pay a lot of attention towards network access through mergers and acquisitions Out of all decisions that are taken during this situation, it is important to figure out whether the new entity should move into a new network or remain within the existing network. If two different networks merge together, it will give life to a completely new network. Hence, it is important to analyze carefully and minimize the effect as much as possible.

4.      Carrier agreements and contracts

During the transition phase, the IT team should also consider whether the carrier agreements and contracts can be transferred. The most optimal method should be decided in order to move forward, while minimizing the disruption or lag time. Otherwise, a lot of negative consequences can take place in the future.

5.      Domain

It has become important to determine how the new entity should manage the domains within the company. That’s because domains are in a position to represent the face of a company to the entire world. If correct decision is not taken at this moment, there is a possibility to end up with a lot of negative effects in the long run. It can even ruin the credibility of the business.