Siddhesh Chauhan

Why is men’s kurta famous? Check exquisite collection at JadeBlue and find out.

Historians claim that the concept of men’s kurta has come from the Mughals in India. Whatever that may be, today the industry for men’s kurta is huge. It has become an essential in men’s fashion along with the regulars like formal shirts, formal trousers and suits. The men’s apparel brand, JadeBlue is a pioneer in men’s kurta in the country.

Why is men’s kurta so popular nowadays? Earlier it was considered as a village outfit and not really appreciated among the well-heeled class. The picture we have of the men’s kurta from that era is perhaps, that of the sweaty farmer in his fields or a villager in the market. This is not exactly considered chic in the parlance of men’s fashion.

However, when people of India rose against the British, men’s kurta became a symbol of protest. Men’s kurta made of khadi was encouraged by Gandhi. People embraced it wholeheartedly and soon it became a part of the daily wear of the common man.

History apart, let's look at the scenario now. Men's kurta has become the icon of ethnic wear in men’s fashion because of the comfort and ease to wear. JadeBlue understands this aspect of men’s choice well and offers a wide range of modi kurta online with different fabrics, designs, fits and style.

At JadeBlue, men’s kurta is mostly made with cotton, linen or other such organic fabric. The fitting may be loose or closed – the choice is up to you.  JadeBlue has become world famous ever since it crafted the suit that it made for Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi when he visited the United States.

In fact, JadeBlue has patented kurtas and jackets in the name of Modi – Modi kurtas and Modi jackets. The Modi jacket is a variation of the Nehru jacket. These two items are the biggest hits among all the apparel in men’s fashion at JadeBlue.

Modi kurta as men’s fashion has extended even to formal wear in the sense that you can have silk kurtas nowadays - be it for wedding or any festival occasions. Indeed, there has been so many experiments with this men’s apparel that it features regularly in ramp walks around the globe.


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