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Excellent Crawlspace to Basement Conversion by JD Concrete

Excellent Crawlspace to Basement Conversion by JD Concrete

Chicago, Illinois – Everyone may have experienced the need for more space in their homes at least once in their lives. As a homeowner, you are responsible with how you design and allot certain parts of your house for specific purposes. You may have a receiving area, living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and many others in the different levels of your house. However, as much as you think you have maximized the living space in your house in the best possible way, you may have missed something important – your crawlspace. This is the area under your house that provides access to the plumbing, electrical, and heating systems of your home. Crawlspaces are called as such because these areas are usually not that spacious for technicians to work in, usually less than 5 feet in height, when they have to take a look and fix the problems of the inner workings of your house. These crawlspaces are just that filthy and musty space under your home, but with some good work, these can be transformed into highly functional and stylish basements. So if you really want to utilize as much space as possible in your home, you may want to consider crawlspace to basement conversion.

For over twenty years, JD Concrete has been doing the finest excavation, concrete, and crawlspace conversion projects in Chicago and Northern Illinois area. Whether it is just a small home for a single person, an entire house for a big family, or even for companies and other businesses, JD Concrete is your ultimate choice when your place needs any concrete work. With this company, you are guaranteed that they will always deliver high quality workmanship at competitive prices. They also house exceptional and professional staff with a total of over fifty years of experience in the construction industry. As a family-owned business, they are dedicated to treat their customers much like their own family members. Thus, each and every project is done with extreme care and in the least possible time, while ensuring that every work passes their high quality standards.

JD Concrete offers top-notch services of whatever type of concrete work you need – flatwork, commercial and industrial concrete construction, room additions, and their specialty, crawlspace to basement conversion. They can convert a 3 to 5 feet crawlspace into a full basement with minimal disruption during the process. For only fifteen days, your former dirty and unworkable crawlspace can be turned into a functional basement for additional living space or storage.

Over the years, JD Concrete has been called as the crawlspace conversion specialist. With the best contractors, equipment, and techniques, you don’t have to worry about how your crawlspace to basement makeover will look like. The first thing that they do is dig a ramp to access your crawlspace. Next, an opening is saw cut into the footing so that all the walls can be built, support beams can be placed, and window frames can be added. In the first week alone, your basement is already 75% done with the hands of these amazing contractors from JD Concrete! If you want a bathroom for your basement, then this is done on the second week along with the installation of stairs, windows, and entrances, as well as the clean-up and finishing touches.

Having a crawlspace to basement project done in your home is indeed a lot of work and a big investment as well. However, with the great additional space that you can get, your property’s value also increases as well. Adding another level in your house through this process is way more cost-efficient and convenient than having to move or purchase another house or property that is bigger and more spacious that your previous one.

So if you are now ready to make this big home improvement, do not hesitate to contact JD Concrete today at 847-516-9290 for a free consultation and estimate, or email them at for your crawlspace to basement conversion or any other concrete works needed in your home or business. Let JD Concrete help you achieve your visions for your new basement! You don’t have to worry because their staff will guide you and will be with you every step of the way. For more information, you can also visit their website at for more details.