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"Hearts of Glass" World Premiere at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival

"Hearts of Glass is a breath of fresh air—inspiring, heartwarming and joyful.”

– Jess Swigonski, Programming Manager, Wild & Scenic Film Festival

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Innovation, inclusion and community are central to Hearts of Glass, the new feature-length documentary from Wyoming-based JenTen Productions. Hearts of Glass follows the tumultuous first fifteen months of operation of Vertical Harvest (VH), a state-of-the-art, multi-story hydroponic greenhouse that grows crops while providing meaningful, competitively-paid jobs for people with disabilities. The recently-completed film will have its World Premiere at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival (WSFF) in Northern California later this month. It will screen on Saturday night (Jan. 19) in Nevada City and on Sunday afternoon (Jan. 20) in Grass Valley. The WSFF Program and Schedule is available online.


Attending in Force

The film’s director, Jennifer Tennican, will be accompanied to California by several people from Vertical Harvest who are featured in the film, including: Kyle Burson (Packaging, Office and Retail Associate); Caroline Croft Estay (Executive Director of Cultivate, previously Human Resource Director for VH); Johnny Fifles (Senior Microgreens Associate); Joelle Lazzareschi (Program Director of Cultivate and Educational Coordinator of VH); and Nona Yehia (Co-Founder, CEO and Architect). “We’re delighted to show up in force and share this story of possibilities at a festival that challenges audiences to become active and make a difference in the world,” said Tennican.



The screening on Sunday afternoon will feature increased accessibility, including open captions for the film and American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation for a post-screening panel discussion. JenTen Productions and FREED, a disability service provider located in Grass Valley, are underwriting tickets at low or no cost for people with disabilities, family members and caregivers. ASL interpretation is courtesy of the WSFF. “The festival is enthusiastically embracing accommodations that support inclusion. That’s a good sign for diversity in the conservation movement,” said Tennican.


Path to a Premiere

Hearts of Glass was a multi-year commitment with pre-production starting in late 2015 and post-production ending in mid 2018. Tennican says “Making a feature-length independent documentary is a marathon, not a sprint, so we appreciate everyone’s patience. It’s exciting to begin to share the journey of this unique startup and the people involved with it.”


JenTen’s nonprofit fiscal sponsor during the creation of Hearts of Glass was Slow Food in the Tetons, which saw alignment between its mission and the film’s focus on local food production and inclusion. The film has been supported in part by grants from Wyoming Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities, Wyoming Arts Council, Wyoming Humanities Council, First Interstate Bank, Center of Wonder and Puffin Foundation. Other funders include Lisa-Lord Price, the Laakmann Family, Agnes Bourne, the Cheramy Foundation, and Mike and Patti Gierau. For a complete list of the film’s amazing 350+ funders, please visit: Hearts of Glass - Supporters.

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