Skull Jewelry in the World of Motorcycle Riders

Fashion is not only a cool thing to do, but it is a way to represent ourselves to the world. Bikers use skulls to show their fierceness and deadliness to others. It denotes power. It’s used in different forms as in clothing, accessories, jewelries and even in bike designs by the riders. Bick riders use skull rings and jewelry as a staple while driving on an open road.

Many people mislead it as it is as a symbol of death and danger. But, every bikers objective is to ride safely even while wearing an opposite sense of fashion. Let’s talk about Harley Davidson, one of the most renowned bike companies is well known for its skull design trademark. Skulls can be seen in their elegant and powerful models. For instance, the company Harley Davidson is known for their famous skull design trademark. Not only is the skull symbol seen in their elegant and powerful models. They also use skull symbol in their especially designed accessories including leather pants, jackets, shirts and even things like a coffee cup. So why does this seem to oppose their sense of fashion?

Jewelry embraces your outfit by giving it a perfect finished looks. It is one of the best accessories one can use to adorn their outfits. With the right selection, you can transform your look to create something extraordinary without being bothered to get some designer stuff. Some of the best and most trendy pieces of jewelry in the world are the skull jewelry. Skull is a thing that always remains in fashion. They are being worn from time of Aztecs and Egyptians. Skull is a thing that will always remain cool and classy in the fashion market. Even, ancient Skulls are not new in the fashion world. They were worn by ancient Aztecs and Egyptians.

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Let’s have a look at some of the creative skull ornaments that skull jewelry lovers can give a try to:

Use Sterling Silver Skull Pendant as Statement Jewelry

Specially designed from high quality silver, sterling skull pendant forms to be a beautiful jewelry piece. The pendant is made with high-quality bronze that gives it a beautiful contrast.

Black Lucite Skull Earrings for the ladies

The Tarina Tarantino Lucite skull earrings are known to provide entirely unique look which is popular for its strange designs and classic touch with it. It comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes and hues which gives you the freedom to express yourself in an extensive range of ways with different sets of outfits.

The good Old Nameplate Necklace design for a classic yet classy look

These are made from solid yellow hold to provide you a cool vintage look. They are not only highly fashionable, but also quite long lasting.

Wear Gothic Skull Studs for a distinctively sinister style.

They are specially designed from attractive pieces of rhodium plated brass and have idiosyncratic design structure that draws its inspiration from the dark world..

Gold Plated Skull Bracelet as a class statement

These classic skull necklaces give you a rock star look, with all the cool features one is looking for. They are designed in a way that they look quite appealing and come with fine gold chain to make you look more and more attractive.