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Abby’s Cash for Gold is Your Trustworthy Jewelry Repair Shop

Tulsa, Oklahoma – If you are seeking for jewelry repair in Tulsa, OK, you want to make sure you can trust the jewelers with your sentimental pieces. Looking for a reputable, reliable, trustworthy, and affordable jewelry shop are some of the main qualities that you should look for. Your jewelry can be very valuable, especially if they are vintage or family heirloom. If you find out that your pieces are in bad shape or even broken, the least you could do is try to salvage them. If you do not have the proper knowledge or skills on how to repair your jewelry, it best left to the professionals.

Abby’s Cash for Gold offers quality jewelry repair in Tulsa, OK. Their team of professional jewelers have over 25 years of experience in giving their customers the finest services and meeting their jewelry repair needs. They understand that you will be giving your prized possessions to them, which is why they take great care of your pieces as if it were their own. They are always honored whenever their customers choose them to do the work. Thus, they go out of their way to show you that your pieces are in good hands.

Since everything breaks down over time just like your jewelry, whether it is from rusting, erosion, or others, Abby’s Cash for Gold will do the best they can in order to preserve the value of your piece. Their jeweler’s have enough experience from over the years and they are knowledgeable about all types of pieces. They had stood behind the jewelry counters and have shared tons of information about their work, what is needed to be done, and pointers on how their customers can take care of their valuable pieces on a daily basis.

One of the services their customers often take advantage of is their jewelry cleaning. Their jewelers will assess your piece of jewelry and if it is extremely detailed, dirty, or damaged, they can do an evaluation and do all the necessary jobs accordingly. They will review it, discuss their findings with you, and let you know about any potential issues. If they do not believe that you jewelry is safe enough to be cleaned due to its risks, then they will not proceed. However, they can let you know how they will be able to restore your piece.

Ring repairs such as ring sizing is one of the most common jewelry repairs. Since each piece is unique, they take the time to fully assess your ring in order to get the job done. Most rings that are sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum can usually be resized into a smaller or larger size. If you have a ring that is too tight and will not come off of your finger, it is best not to force the ring. Instead, you can simply stop by their shop and allow them to assist you by safely removing it from your finger. Other jewelry repair services they offer include clasps, chain repairs, stone tightening, stone replacement, and mounting.

If you have an old pocket watch or a Rolex watch, then Abby’s Cash for Gold can gladly help you. They fix low quality watches to high end Rolex watches. They even offer Rolex services. In store, they can do a battery change for your watch that goes as low as $10 by making use of nothing but the highest quality brands. They also offer warranty on all of their batteries for up to a year for no extra charge. Other watch repair services they have to offer include crown & stem repair, crystal repair, watch band repair, watch overhauls, gasket replacement, cleaning & inspection, and water resistance tests.

In Abby’s Cash for Gold’s jewelry repair in Tulsa, OK, they go out of their way to satisfy their customers so that they can gladly share the name with their friends and family. Their professional jewelers are always on location to take your order. You can simply drop by their Promenade location and they will do on-the-spot repairs. They will change, size, and repair all kinds of jewelry. They also do custom designs to your specific taste in fine jewelry. Since their business has moved to a new location, they offer 50% on their work. Contact them at 918-724-7358 or visit their website at to know more.