Encouraging Pink

Linda Beane wrapping a car PINK to bring encouragement in October for Breast Cancer.  

Christie Elliott, Linda's daughter wanted to do something to encourage her high school best friend who is currently going through chemotherapy.  Linda and Christie thought a bright PINK car would make her smile.  They decided to wrap Christie's car and then realized that others might also need encouragement.  So after finding the popular slogan "Supporting the Fighters, Admiring the Survivors, Honoring the Taken, and Never Ever Giving Up HOPE" they decided to give a platform for people to do just that.  They are inviting people to write on the car to encourage, admire and honor those who lives have been touch by breast cancer.  You might catch a glimpse of the PINK car while driving around town or you can find it parked on the corner of Echeta & Hwy 14-16.  Linda and Christie are working with the CC HealthCare Foundation and the CCHS for the car to be parked at the CCHS home football game Oct 21st to give more people the opportunity to write on the car.

Encouraging words written by Nikki Bowker.