John Peterson

6 Creative Ways to Redesign Your Old Bathroom

Bathrooms have greatly evolved from the first time they showed up on our side of the universe. Sometimes it feels like it is impossible to keep up with the new design and trends out there but one thing is for sure, an old bathroom would never give you all the satisfaction that you need. You need a bathroom that you can be proud to show off and most importantly, one that can help you relax.

You need to tweak your bathroom from time to time so as to keep up and you don’t even need to spend so much doing that. With the right tips and techniques, you can have your old bathroom looking modern and beautiful.

Below are six creative ways to redesign your old bathroom.

1. Give Your Plumbing a Complete Overhaul

Old bathrooms are notorious for water wastage because in those days, no one was really paying attention to water bills – it was pretty much affordable. And again, some of the plumbing fixtures in old bathrooms are usually old and allow for leakages. Try to look out for such leakages and see how you can improve on your plumbing fixtures to cut back on the leakages.

2. Improve on Ventilation

Poor bathroom ventilation could lead to problems, not just in the bathroom but in other areas of the home. When there is poor ventilation in your bathroom, it could cause molds to form within the home due to dampness. In this case, you should consider investing in an extractor fan and installing it in your bathroom so as to remove dampness and bathroom ventilation problems.

3. Install Ready-made Bathroom Suites

You can purchase cheap bathroom suites that have already been designed to taste to give your bathroom a modern look and feel. You can go for traditional bathroom suites or modern ones depending on your personal taste. Even though your old bathroom wasn’t designed like modern bathroom suites, you can still remodel your bathroom to have this feature.

4. Paint Your Bathroom tiles

Your old bathroom tiles could have lost their color especially if the tiles were white. Instead of fixing new tiles, you can consider repainting the old ones so that they can look good again. This also gives you the opportunity to change the color of your old bathroom in case you absolutely hate the old color.

You could also use wallpapers on your bathroom walls if you don’t want to repaint. Water-proof, of course.

5. Use Modern Storage Solutions

A good storage solution can expand your bathroom space and make it a little roomier. You can use bathroom vanity units to store some of the items that you make use of in your bathroom. You can create more space with this. One very great thing about bathroom vanity units is that they mostly have dual-purposes so they don’t take too much space. For instance, a bathroom vanity unit could double as a bathroom sink, while the storage space would be underneath the sink.

6. Improve on Lighting

Introduce mirrors and LED mood lighting in your bathroom. It would help to make your bathroom feel larger and better looking.

It helps to have a budget before you start your bathroom remodeling project. It would help you to figure out the extent of changes that you would make and would prevent getting stuck along the line.