How to Use Online Videos to Grow Your Company

Using videos as a marketing tool has become a very popular marketing strategy amongst businesses. It has been predicted that by 2017, video marketing is expected to be the major source of website traffic and lead generation, and 35% of online activity would be from people watching videos.

These predictions have already come true in a way. For example, a lot of people now spend most of their time on Facebook watching and commenting on videos than they spend on photo and word-based contents.

It’s only smart that you jump on this growing trend and see how you can use it to grow your business and increase revenue. Here are few tips:

1. Viral Video Marketing

Viral videos can draw traffic to your business faster than you can imagine. A viral video is one that has something shocking or attention-grabbing. It could be about your product or about something entirely different.

In 2011, Dollar Shave Club did a viral video that generated 14 million views. They were able to get 12, 000 new product orders from the video which cost them only about $4,000 to produce.

That’s just one example of how profitable viral videos can be especially when you are able to get and script the perfect viral video.

2. Use Videos to Launch or Introduce Your Business

Most customers love to be able to put a face to the brands or businesses they patronize because it creates a sense of familiarity. You can use viral videos to launch a new business or introduce yourself and your team to your clients to make them feel more at home with your brand.

If you’re new in business, after using companies like Rapid Formations to register your company online, it’s just ideal to use videos to launch and introduce your new business to potential clients. It makes them feel more connected with you.

3. Use Videos for Social Proof

Positive reviews are very important for business. It helps to convince potential customers that your brand is genuine and your products are worth buying.

Written reviews are good but video reviews are the bomb. Being able to put a face to a review works magic when it comes to convincing customers. They are able to see the face behind the review and maybe even see them hold the product, use it and view the acclaimed results they got from the product or services.

4. Use VLogs to Connect With Your Customers

Instead of written content on your business blog, you can use videos to connect with your audience. You can use it to share useful information, especially how-to contents. You can also use your vlog (video blog) for product reviews and other information just like you would do with a regular blog.

5. Use Video Sales Letters (VSLs) to Drive Sales

Another great way to use videos to grow your business is using video sales letters (VSLs) to generate leads and sales.

Sales letters are letters that are specially crafted in such a way that it would persuade customers to purchase a product or subscribe to a service. Sales letters have been around for a while but VSLs started becoming popular in recent years.

Marketers all around the world are switching to video sales letters because they have been known to double conversion rates and are generally more effective than the traditional sales letters.

To craft a video sales letter, you would need a powerful sales script, an actor or voiceover artist, a video recording and editing tool like Camtasia, and a place to upload your sales video so that your target audience can assess it easily.

6. Use Videos for Product Promotions

Instead of paying huge money for television adverts, you can do your own advert yourself using recorded videos that you can upload on YouTube or other social media, your blog or other high-traffic sources that can generate you traffic, create awareness for your product and increase business sales and profitability.

If you are not yet doing video marketing, you are definitely missing out on some extra profits. Take advantage of this growing trend and start using it to your advantage today.