John Peterson

5 Valid Reasons You Should Advertise on Instagram

The most important thing to get right from the onset when it comes to marketing is identifying your audience/market. The next important thing then would be identifying where they hang out – where your ideal audience can be found, gathered together.

You probably know by now that if you have a business or career audience, LinkedIn is your best bet. In the same way, if your product or service is better presented visually, image-centric social media platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest, are your ideal platforms.

In case you’ve been wondering or contemplating, here are 5 valid reasons you should advertise on Instagram:

1. Number of users

Instagram’s number of monthly users hit 700 million monthly active users earlier this year (2017). This means you can promote your business to an almost unlimited number of potential customers, across several countries, no matter what business you do.

Guess what? This number can only increase, and that’s good news for you as a business owner. If marketing is indeed a game of numbers, Instagram definitely makes it merrier.

If you don’t know how to advertise on Instagram, the best time to learn is now.

2. Visual communication

Instagram is built around sharing images and videos, and users basically go there to interact visually with their connections.

Instagram advertising is natively built around this concept too. The ads look very organic – almost like other posts in your prospect’s news feed, except for the word “Sponsored” that tells your post is an advert.

The advantage this gives your business is that as humans, our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, and thus, advertising on Instagram helps you capture the attention of your audience more. It also helps to pass your message better as we are visual learners – 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

3. Engagement level

Of course, Instagram as a visual social media makes engagement levels on it very high.

According to a Forrester research, Instagram “blew away” other social networks when it came to delivering engagement. Instagram gives top brands 58 times more engagement per follower (at 4.21 per-follower engagement rate) than Facebook, and 120 times than Twitter.

Wow, little wonder Instagram was named “the king of social engagement”.

Bottom line: it will be a disservice to your business to not take advantage of all those engagements happening on Instagram.

4. Targeting

Targeting on Instagram is just great. One shouldn’t expect anything less since it’s powered by Facebook.

With Instagram’s awesome targeting options, you can show your ads to those most likely to do business with you. You can target them based on location, and traits like gender, age group, behavior, interests and more.

5. More features

There are some features on Instagram that are limited to only advertisers. That is, the normal user doesn’t get to enjoy these features unless you pay for ads on the platform.

For example, Instagram has always given advertisers the opportunity to upload more video length than the average Instagram user can upload.

You may also have noticed that links included in your Instagram posts are unclickable. Well, they would be clickable, if your posts were ads.

As you can now see, if you’re not already advertising your business on Instagram you’re missing out. Better late than never, yea? At least for these 5 reasons, start advertising on Instagram now.