John Peterson

6 Timeless Benefits of E-Cigarettes over Traditional Cigarettes 

Statistics have shown that about 40 million adults in the United States still smoke, despite the widespread awareness on the hazards of traditional cigarettes.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), Tobacco kills more than 7 million people yearly, sending them to their early grave.

Furthermore, cigarette smoking has been related to cancer, so it is safe to say that despite having knowledge of the health hazards that come with smoking, most people still do it out of addiction.

The health hazard of traditional smoking doesn't only affect the smoker, but also poses a threat to non-smokers when inhaled.

The important question now becomes; "is there a less harmful option to choose from instead of people intentionally falling to their own death?"

Electronic cigarette is the answer. It does not contain tobacco which means you can still have your dose of nicotine without ingesting the carcinogens produced from the burning of tobacco.

E-cigarettes produce only vapour and are completely without smoke.

Although there is no solid proof that E-cigarettes are the best replacement for traditional cigarettes as health experts are still researching on it, however, there are still some remarkable and timeless benefits E-cigarettes have over traditional cigarettes:

1. They help in breaking addiction

In some countries like Australia, the use of nicotine is considered a crime due to people's addiction to it – which has proven deadly over the years.

Despite knowing the health hazards related to traditional smoking, most people have failed to stop as a result of their addiction to it.

Nicotine withdrawal isn't very easy to deal with, and while most people try their hardest to quit the addiction, they relapse in no time. With e-cigarettes, it's very different as the symptoms are usually softened.

With e-cigarettes, addicted smokers can get over their addiction by gradually switching from the highest level of nicotine strength to the lowest, till the habit is completely broken.

This will help the body readjust gradually till it no longer requires nicotine to function properly, as a sudden withdrawal may have an adverse effect on it.

2. Quality at affordable rates

E-cigarettes come in various colours and styles, you can choose from the several brands and models available, depending on your preference. You can learn more about e-cigarettes at

They come in various attractive designs such as the cell phone design, regular cigarette sticks design, ball point pens and so much more.

Interestingly enough, they are very affordable, compared to the cost of smoking traditional cigarettes in a month. Do your calculations.

3. Freedom

With e-cigarettes, you no longer have to lock yourself up as it comes with a new found freedom, one that makes you immune to arrest, complaints or harassment.

You can vape anywhere without worrying about being harassed – something you don’t always get with traditional cigarettes.

4. E-cigarettes are more private

Not all smokers would like their friends or relatives to know they actually smoke. Unlike traditional cigarettes that leave a long-lasting repulsive odour on the outfit, there are no lingering odours related to e-cigarettes after vaping.

5. Variety of flavours

There is an unmatched pleasure smokers find in the act. Although proven to be lethal, it is quite an unbeatable feeling.

But with e-cigarettes, it's a different kind of pleasure – which of course is not harmful. It comes in various forms of e-liquid flavours.

From strawberry flavour to vanilla, mint, cherry, even to tobacco variants mimicking traditional cigarettes.

6. Environmentally friendly

With e-cigarettes, there is no possibility of a fire outbreak since it neither produces smoke or uses fire.

They are powered by batteries and they tend to reduce the level of pollution caused by traditional cigarettes.

Although the aim is to stop the smoking habit and the abusive intake of nicotine, it is however obvious that e-cigarettes are the best alternatives to traditional cigarettes for smokers who want to quit.

Prolong your lifespan: don't smoke it, just vape it!