John Peterson

8 Pro Tips for Finding a Luxury Apartment for Rent

Whether you're moving from one apartment to another, or you're about to start living on your own as a young adult, you need to be prepared for the house hunting process.

You're not just going to step across the street and find an available luxury apartment that's up for rent, finding the right luxury apartment that is actually worth the price is no small job.

However, people move into rented luxury apartments every now and then, so this means it's not impossible and not as overwhelming as it seems.

Here are 8 pro tips that'll help you in finding a luxury apartment for rent:

1. Friends and family network

The first place to start when hunting for an apartment for rent is to ask your friends and family.

Let them know you need a luxury apartment and they should keep an eye out for and also let their friends know.

You'll be surprised at how fast word of mouth travels.

2. Start hunting

You'll never get an apartment for rent by peeping through your bedroom window to see who's moving out or not.

You have to put yourself out there, and of course not at the last minute. Start hunting early enough, preferably 3-4 months before your moving date to give you more time to get enough options to choose from.

While everyone's taste differs when it comes to renting apartments, there are some things you need to look out for:

a. Price

Yes you're hunting for a luxury apartment to rent, but it doesn't mean you have to break the bank before you can afford paying your rent. Set a budget and stick to it as landlords are unlikely to discount the rent and it would be unfortunate to get stuck at a point because you can no longer afford the rent.

b. Convenience

Not all luxury apartments offer the utmost convenience, especially when it comes to location.

Look for one that has a convenient location and has safety as its priority.

3. Check online

The internet never fails when it comes to apartment hunting. A simple Google search will serve you with several options to choose from.

For example if you're looking for apartments in Columbus Ohio, just put it into the Google search and you'll get more than enough to look through.

4. Check cell phone reception in every room

You don't want to be paying that huge amount for rent and then be standing at the tip of your toes, on top of your bed, or with your head stuck outside the window before you get a cell phone reception.

If that's what happens when you find a luxury apartment that's up for rent, then it's just as good as you not finding anything. Kindly keep it moving and don't you dare think of managing it.

5. Check online for apartment complexes and their reviews

Pay proper attention to the negative reviews but of course, use your judgement.

If anyone has a bad experience, they will spill it all, details by details and then you'll get better knowledge of where to look to and where not to.

6. Newspaper ad

Reading the newspaper will also give you an upper hand at the search for a luxury apartment.

Through this medium you'll work with better people and even get the best deals.

7. Have your down payment

Apartment hunting can get very stressful. Frustrating is the actual word. Now imagine having gone through all that stress and eventually found the one that suits your taste, only to come back to find that a better-prepared renter has gotten it.

Well, that's what will happen if you do not have your down payment ready on finding the one of your choice – as most landlords require a down payment.

8. Talk to tenants

It's not advisable to go knocking on strangers' doors, asking if there's any vacancy. However, it's just another effective way of getting in-house information on who is moving out soon, infrastructure issues, how the landlord operates, quality of the apartments, information about the neighbourhood, and some other things you really would not be able to get out of the landlord.

House hunting is only fun and productive when you have enough information and look into the right places. Follow the tips above to get the luxury apartment of your choice, one that's actually worth every penny you pay.