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4 Timeless Addiction Recovery Tips from "Johnny the Healer" of The Holistic Sanctuary

Whether it is opiod or something else, there’s been a steady climb in the amount of addicts. And while some therapists suggest that freedom from addiction is dependent on a person's state of mind and does take quite a while, Johnny Tabaie has proved otherwise.

Johnny Tabaie, a professional healer and founder of The Holistic Sanctuary has debunked that idea and proven over time that full recovery is possible within a short period of time. In fact, he gives a life-time guarantee for his 90-day program at the Holistic Sanctuary, a rehabilitation center that has experienced huge success rates since its inception.

With this kind of success under his belt, here are some addiction recovery tips from Johnny “Johnny the Healer” Tabaie

1. Avoid traditional rehabilitation centers

The first and most important advice is to stay away from traditional rehabilitation centers. The reason for this is because "none of these centers will seek to achieve, promise to deliver or even bother to try and heal the patients," according to Johnny the Healer.

These centers make the addict believe that there is no cure for the disease and that it can only be treated through therapy. So they make them talk about the illness and encourage them to accept it without trying to cure the illness.

Addiction is a curable disease. Medical scan results have shown that this disease affects some specific parts of the brain which can be healed. Instead of opting for a therapist who will convince you that it is a psychological issue that relates with your state of mind, you should seek for a cure.

These rehabilitation centers also use therapeutic methods that are considered ineffective. If they were effective, the number of drug addicts would be decreasing instead of increasing and the rate of relapse after treatment should be declining.

2. Stay away from toxic substances

As a healer, Johnny advises addicts to stay away from any toxic substances. He refers to medications given by pharmaceutical companies in order to relieve withdrawal symptoms as toxic. This is because when you take them, you experience side effects which might be harmful to your system.

As such Suboxone, Mathasone and Xanax are toxic drugs that you should steer clear off.

According to the founder of The Holistic Sanctuary, "You cannot treat a chemical problem with another chemical". Instead of drugs, he advises that an addict's brain needs amino acids, neurotransmitters and peptides in order to repair itself.

3. Use the Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method is a system formulated by Johnny the Healer to help addicts recover quickly without the usual withdrawal symptom. This is only administered at the Holistic Sanctuary.

The Pouyan Method gets the brain to pre-addiction state, activates stem cells, cleans out the GI tract, gets rid of parasites, pathogens, fungi, mold in the body.

In place of the standard therapeutic methods of accepting the reality of the illness in order to overcome it, the Ibogaine administered to patients in the Holistic Sanctuary takes them through the contents of their subconscious mind by digging out those buried memories.

This experience removes the cravings for these drugs and makes their mind lucid. Though the intricacies of this method are unknown, it is highly effective.

 4. Start the process of healing

Johnny the healer believes that "if you heal a person's brain, they can heal their life". The process of healing combines the spirit, mind and body. Treatment should be natural and conducted in a safe and serene environment. 

Such medical treatment should be coupled with a natural diet, massages, meditations, yoga, and therapy.

 When all these factors are combined, a person can recover fully from addiction without the fear of relapse in the future.