John Peterson

How to Choose the Perfect Addiction Treatment Center

Lots of promises will be made when they’re trying to get you to bring a drug addict to their treatment   center only for them to relapse after they go back home.

Trusting a friend or family member into the hands of a treatment center is a tough choice to make because you don’t know what the possible outcome will be. You’re just there, hoping they get better.

However, it doesn’t have to be a blind market as there are some factors you should lookout for. They will help you make the best choice of all the addiction treatment centers.

1. Expected result

Your expected result might not be the same as that of the treatment center. Your expected result is probably getting your relative to be totally clean of the addiction and fully functional again while their expected result is someone who is taking the prescribed drugs – Methadone or Suboxone – regularly, joins a support group and attends counseling every day,

To remove any confusion whatsoever, it’s best to be clear on what you’re expecting, which result is acceptable and which is not. This will help you choose a treatment center that focuses mainly on what you desire, so you know what to expect.

2. Testimonials

Not every former drug addict is comfortable with coming out to share their experience and recovery process with the world. However, there are still a few of them who are really grateful for their bounce back and would love to share their recovery process with the world.

Reviews and testimonials are not hard to come across if really the treatment center is as good as they say. Read up every review and investigate every bad one you come across. You’ll be surprised at how helpful they’ll be in guiding you through your selection process.

3. Nutritional component

Most addicted people arrive at treatment centers in a very poor looking state. They’re so malnourished and haggard looking because they’ve spent an unusual amount of time taking so much drugs they didn’t notice its adverse effect on them.

A good treatment center should have a solid nutritional support to repair the deficiencies in the victim. If this is not done, the victim might begin to exhibit signs of someone who is deficient in some areas such as lack of appetite, depression, sleeplessness, irritation and other problems that pose a threat to their total recovery.

These problems can even cause further prescription of medicine when a good nutrition would have solved the problem in the first place.

4. Mode of treatment

Before choosing a treatment center, its best you inquire about their mode of treatment because many treatment centers just substitute one addiction with the other by administering Methadone, Suboxone, and Buprenorphine to the patients in order to recover from their addiction to heroin.

So if your goal is to be totally sober then a treatment center that uses substitute drugs as treatment is definitely not for you.

5. Lessons on skills to be independent

The goal is not to take them to the treatment center and have them clean during their stay period there. The goal is to have them stay sober and clean during and after the entire exercise.

Most treatment centers want to keep their patients depended on them so they teach them just enough to keep them coming back for help. That’s not what you want. If you make enquiries and notice that they don’t teach recovering patients enough skills to support their sober life, then it’s not the place for you and you sure need to keep it moving to a better place.

Recovering from drug addiction can hardly be done alone. The victim needs as much love and encouragement as possible to get through the phase and the last thing that should be done is dumping them in a treatment center that’s only after their benefit, not the victim’s recovery. Use the tips above to choose the perfect addiction treatment center.