John Peterson

6 Creative Ways to Maintain Your Tree Cover

Trees are an integral part of nature and are essential for our healthy living. They fix nitrogen levels, improve oxygen circulation, support the surrounding habitat and cool the environment, to name a few benefits.  When it is a part of our landscape it not only gives owners a place to relax and unwind, but also boosts the value of the property.

At the same time, you have to take steps to preserve these trees, so they continue to benefit you and your property. Here are some ways to maintain the tree cover within your property.

Know what your tree needs

Water and soil requirements vary from tree to tree. As a first step, understand how much watering you should do for each kind of tree, what type of manure they need, what is the right level of moisture and what is the best soil condition. Getting answers to these questions will help you to care better for each tree.

Protect the roots

Focus on protecting your tree's roots as they are important for the very survival of the tree. In general, a tree's roots spread horizontally and vertically, which means, you have to ensure that the area surrounding the tree should not be disturbed. The area of root growth is called the critical root zone, or CRZ in short, for every tree. Never change the soil in this CRZ zone as it will affect the tree's growth.

The root growth varies from species to species, so it's best you consult an arborist on the areas that should not be disturbed. Get a map of CRZ and keep it with you as a blueprint for future reference.


Contrary to what many people, pruning is essential for the healthy growth of a tree. Look at the overall structure of the tree and identify the branches that need to be removed. It's a good idea to remove crossing branches, dead and broken branches and low-hanging branches. If you're a novice, it's best to take the help of professional like Albany Tree & Property Service.

Reduce tree staking

Tree staking is done to protect a young tree and to enhance the growth of its trunk. However, tree skating has no margin for errors at all, which means, even the smallest mistake can be detrimental to the tree's growth. If you're unsure, either avoid tree staking or take the help of an expert.

Limit tree transplant

It's hard to transplant a tree after it has reached a certain size. Also, if you replant it in a different type of soil, it can affect growth. So, it's best you identify a good spot for the tree when it's young. Visualize how it would be if it grows into a fully-mature tree and plan accordingly.

Keep mulches

Mulches are a tree's best friend, as it helps to strengthen the soil, improve oxygen levels and ensure moisture availability. The more mulch you add, more essential nutrients will be available to the tree and it can grow better. As a bonus, it even gives a well-groomed look to your tree cover.

In all, trees give us many benefits, provided we take good care of it. The above tips can help you to maintain a fresh, green and healthy tree cover within your property.