John Peterson

4 Ways to Search A Classified Ads Site Effectively

Classified ads websites are great for finding goods and services of any kinds. Most of them come with many categories that ensure that you can easily go to the section for just what you’re looking for. With the amount of traffic that many of these sites get though, finding exactly what you need is not quite as easy as going to a particular section.

With hundreds or even thousands of ads posted daily, you’ll need either a lot of patience or very good search skills to get to the most relevant ads quickly. Here are a few tips that’ll help you cut down your search time significantly:

1. Use All the Right Keywords

It’s the same as when you’re searching for something on Google or any other search engine – the algorithm tries to provide the most relevant results based on what you enter. To maximize that, you should make sure you’re using the most popular terms that what you’re looking for is known by.

You could easily miss great listings by using technical terms instead of the more common ones. You can even do a quick Google search to find synonyms you can then search for in the classifieds website to see if someone used a less-known term.

2. Reverse-search a Seller

If you’ve found a seller who sold items you want in the past, the odds are that they could have similar ones currently. If the website allows you to click on the poster’s username to check their other posts, you should definitely do that. However, for those sites that don’t, one trick you can use is to take a sampling of their description of one product and use it as a search term. Since many people who post listings regularly often use template-based descriptions, you’ll likely find other listings by that same seller.

3. Check Spelling Errors

Some classifieds ads sites’ algorithms have some leeway to show you results for terms that are similar to yours, even though the spellings don’t fully match, but most sites will stick to showing you only results that match your search term exactly. While that has the advantage of keeping irrelevant results to a minimum, it also keeps misspelt results which might be relevant away from view. When searching Los Angeles classifieds for anything, think of easy misspellings that could be made with those terms and search for them too. You might not find anything, but then you’d only have lost an extra minute or two. On the other hand, if you find something, it’d likely be one that most other searchers have missed.

4. Expand Your Search

Apart from spelling mistakes, people can also make mistakes by putting their listings in the wrong category or using the wrong tags. For a higher chance of finding what you want, check a network of similar categories on the website – For example, computers and home appliances. You could simply search for the keywords you’ve identified in all similar categories, without needing to go through the entire website.