John Peterson

5 Tips for Great-looking Couple Portraits

Couple portraits are immensely popular nowadays, especially among young people. Whether the photos are intended to be framed and hung on a wall, put into an album or posted on social media, the desire to showcase love is a very common one.

As popular as they are though, getting couple portraits right is another thing entirely. A lot of times, they come off as being awkward and not natural-looking. Here are a few tips that’ll help you avoid that and take couple photos that look great, romantic and natural:

1. Break the Ice

Except for professional actors, most people would find it somewhat difficult to be romantic on demand, which is what usually leads to the awkward photos. A good way to address that, however, is to spend a few minutes making the couple comfortable and engaging them in conversation that’ll naturally set them at ease. It’d then be much easier to move them from pose to pose without the photos looking stilted or contrived.

2. Intimacy

The point of couple photos is that they’re supposed to display the love the two people share, and taking stiff, detached photos just won’t portray that well, if at all. Encourage the subjects to stay close to each other, hold hands, hug, touch each other’s hair and generally give off lovey-dovey vibes. While you can guide them into poses, it’s generally better to give them a broad idea and have them interpret it in their own way. That way, you’ll get photos that look much more natural.

3. Lighting is Key

Lighting is crucial in every kind of photography but taking romantic photos of a couple will require you to ensure that the lighting is good for both of them, as opposed to optimizing it for just one person. Generally, natural lighting is the better option, and you can use it to crease some stunning depth effects on the couple if you place them at an angle where the light is on one side of their faces while the other side has shadows. Such photos would look great and also be suitable for other purposes, such as customizing a photo necklace.

4. Use Motion

Motion helps people to loosen up, which is a good thing in itself. In addition, it’s great for creating fun and really beautiful shots. Again, you can give them specific directions but it’s often better to make the directives broad and have them improvise so you can get spontaneous shots. It’s crucial to be on the alert for any great shot opportunities since a moment missed might be difficult to recreate perfectly.

5. Leverage the Location

Sunset photos are some of the most popular when it comes to couple photography, but you can create striking images by leveraging the scenery wherever you are properly. The options are infinite, but one good strategy is to use the seasonal elements as a background – the flowers in spring, leaves in autumn, snow in winter and sunlight in summer. If you need to, you can introduce props to set the scene even more.