John Peterson

5 Tips to Pick the Perfect Shoes for Your Dinner Party

Dressing up for a dinner party is an art by itself. You not only want to look good and well-dressed in others' eyes, but also for your own confidence. Your dress, including your shoes, is in many ways an expression of your style and personality, and an opportunity to tell the world who you are.

So, here are some tips to pick the perfect shoes for your dinner party, so you can look your best.

Understand a bit about shoes

As a first step, understand a bit about shoes. If you're shopping for a shoe for the first time, do some research about the different styles, cuts and materials. Run through some images to see how professionals pair the right shoes with the right dress. This research will help you to identify your own unique style that reflects you and your personality.

Focus on the material

Shoes made of leather are the most ideal for dinner parties because they give a rich look to your attire. The good thing with leather shoes is they are smooth, but not silky and shiny, but not too much enough to see your reflection. Overall, it gives a grand look.

But if you're not comfortable wearing leather products, you can always choose faux leather shoes that may not have the same look and feel as leather, but is definitely comparable.

Heel height

Ideally pick a shoe that has a heel height of less than one inch, as this can not only make you feel more comfortable, but can also add to your look. If you opt for shoes with very high heels, it can look awkward at the party.

Though some people prefer to wear flat shoes, it is more ideal in a casual setting. But for an official dinner party, opt for shoes with low heels as it tends to give a more professional look.

Go for black shoes

Though shoes come in varied shades of brown, consider buying a pair of black shoes simply because it is versatile. You can pair it with almost any pant color and it will look good. You can even wear it with khaki or jeans for a more casual outing. 

The only exception is when your suits are brown or tan in color because that's the only combination where brown shoes will look better than black. In all other cases, opt for black for the best versatility.

Shop from the right places

Once you zero-in on the model and type of shoes you like the best, start looking for them. You can find them in physical as well as in online stores too, depending on what you're looking for.

Some shoes like the Mens Italian dress shoes are more likely to be available on online stores than physical stores because the former sources from retailers around the world. 

In short, choosing the perfect shoes for your dinner party may not have to be so difficult when you consider the above aspects in mind.