John Peterson

5 Cooking Utensils that Will Revamp Your Kitchen

No work can be done without the right tools and implements and the same applies to the kitchen too. In order to make the choicest, healthiest, and the tastiest of meals, you need the right utensils and the best pots and pans

So, here are some cooking utensils that are sure to revamp your kitchen and make it easier for you than ever before to cook the best of food.


One of the most basic utensils that every kitchen should have is a pair of tongs, at least if you want to protect your fingers from burns. Ideally, buy tongs with coated ends to ensure that they do not scratch your cookware. At the same time, it should be easy and flexible enough for you to use them.


Though many people prefer to use pre-grounded pepper, it doesn't usually add the same flavors like that of a freshly ground pepper. It adds a unique flavor to your food and is also absolutely a healthy way to cook and eat.

Pepper mills help to grind not just pepper, but a variety of other spices too. There are also a ton of options available today, ranging some simple ones to even electronic mills. Pick the one that best fits your needs, and you'll never go wrong when you pick the simplest of the mill that will grind pepper the way you want.

Pots and pans

Another staple of all kitchen is pots and pans. Before you go shopping for this group of utensil, make a list of what you want. How many stockpots, frying pans, or saucepans you need and the ideal sizes of each. For this, take into account the kind of foods that you cook and the number of people for whom you have to cook. If you're one of those people who entertain guests often, that's another aspect to consider as well. Take into account the theme of your kitchen and your personal preferences for specific materials too.

Though it may seem silly to make a list of pots and pans before you head out to shopping, you'll thank yourself for this. Remember, the market is flooded with all kinds of pots and pans in varying sizes and materials. Going through them all will be an overwhelming experience and this is where this list will help.

Meat tenderizer

If you're one of those people who eat meat daily, a tenderizeis a must-have on your list. It helps to pound the meat to a uniform thickness and to tenderize other meat such as beef. It always helps to make it easy to cook as the pounding will take only a few minutes and the results will be even.


A peeler is another essential kitchen staple to peel a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Invest in a good quality peeler and this will last longer and at the same time, will also help to save time at the kitchen for you.

So, these are some cooking utensils that are sure to revamp your kitchen.