John Peterson

4 Professional Qualities Your Personal Injury Lawyer Should Have

A personal injury lawyer greatly increases your chances of winning a case. That said, not all lawyers are the same. They come with big variations in their education, experience, and above everything, professional qualities, and these aspects make the big difference between winning and losing your case.

In order to have the best possibility to win your case, it's important you pick a lawyer who is not only experienced and specializes in the niche area of your case but also has the necessary professional qualities to take the case forward.

What are those professional qualities? Here are a few.


A lawyer should be available to talk to you and address your concerns. This means, ideally your lawyer should live in the same city or state as you do to make it easy for you to meet him or her when needed. Though the lawyer can be busy and can have fixed time slots for meeting clients, it is nevertheless important that this availability is communicated, so you can plan accordingly.


The legal services offered by the lawyer should be in tune with the local laws of the state. For example, Brauns Law, PC is a law firm operating in the city of Atlanta and this means, its lawyers have to adhere to the rules and regulations of Georgia. Also, the services they provide should be according to the Georgia Bar Association.

As a client, it is your duty to check if a law firm is a member of the state's bar association and if there are any complaints against their professional conduct.


Lawyers should be honest and sincere with their clients to give them a real picture of the case and the possibility of winning it. Such an honest response can help you to evaluate your case and maybe even take a decision based on it. In addition, it can also keep your expectations at the right levels, so you don't get disappointed with the final verdict.

Based on his or her past experience and the nature of such cases, the lawyer should guide you on the best course of action. At the same time, the lawyer should give you credible reasons for the advice and the basis on which he or she is giving you such guidance.


The lawyer should communicate clearly and effectively. At the same time, there should be  warmth in the voice that should resonate with your thoughts. This is all the more important when the lawyer is trying to give you a realistic settlement picture that goes against your expectations.

In other words, communication should be clear but with a little bit of empathy, so you feel comfortable. The lawyer should relate with your thoughts on every front, understand your situation, and should choose words and phrases accordingly.

Thus, these are some of the professional qualities that your personal injury lawyer should have in order to up the possibility of winning your case.