John Peterson

How to Set Up a Proper Virtual Address for Your Business

You have done the background work and are ready to set up your own business. You think a business address is essential for a good brand image and for people to attach some credibility to your organization. At the same time, you don't want to go through the elaborate process of renting a place and setting up an office just for the sake of a business address. So, how can you get the best of both worlds?


Here are a few ways by which you can set up a virtual address for your business.


Private Mailbox Store

There are many stores like The UPS Store that allow you to rent a mailbox on their premises, which is usually in a mall or an office space. When you opt for these mailboxes, your address will be the same as that of the store, but your mailbox number will be different.


The biggest advantage is you can get mails and packages and the same will be stored in your respective mailbox. Also, you get a real physical address and you have the option to access the contents of your mailbox at any time.


The disadvantage is that you will have to travel to the mailbox every time and this can be hard when you're running around the country to build your business.


Virtual Mailbox

The virtual mailbox is similar to a real box as you'll have a physical street address for receiving mails. The only difference is the mails will be scanned and will be uploaded to your digital mailbox, so you can access it from wherever you are. With this option, you don't have to commute to get your mails. It also makes it easy to store digital documents and the virtual PO box address will remain the same even if you move to a different city.


Some services even come with additional features such as depositing your check at the local branch, mail shredding, and even an agent service for your company.


Virtual office

A virtual office is a service offered by specialized business centers, so you get a permanent address, a professional business image, a phone number and people to answer calls, and a mailbox service for handling mails. This option gives you an “office” without having to rent, set up, and manage physical space. Besides, you will also have access to conference rooms when you want to have meetings with clients. It even comes with a reception area where you can welcome your clients and guests.


In all, a virtual office gives you all the advantages of an office space without having to worry about the hassles of maintaining it.


Thus, these are the three best ways to set up a virtual address for your business to give a professional image and mail handling capabilities. The exact choice between the three depends on your financial capability and your need for a mailbox in the first place.