John Peterson

3 Creative Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

Just as the search for the fountain of youth and immortality has plagued humanity since the existence of our specie, so has the search for the latest and most potent search engine ranking trick plagued us since the advent of the internet – okay, maybe since the advent of online search.

It’s an unbreakable curse: marketers and business owners will never stop looking for new ways to boost their visibility within search results. That’s why the SEO industry can be worth far over $65 billion – and growing!

Needless to say there are countless ways, pasted all over the cyberspace, to improve your search engine optimization. Don’t worry, my intention with this article is not to add to the noise, but instead, sieve all those countess SEO tips and tricks out there and pick out just three of the most creative few – those that transcend the norm – and present them to you in the simplest, most-understandable way I can.

Wish me luck. And let’s jump right in.

1. Write a roundup post

How does getting a sudden boost in traffic sound? What do you think would happen to your blog post if 10 or more influencers shared it to their tens of thousands of followers? That’s what a roundup post can do for you.

It’s about reaching out to influencers or experts in your field with a simple question people in your industry care about. You collect their answers, put them together, and then publish as a single post. Get back to the featured influencers with a link to the post.

The influx of visitors to that post and the social shares you get – in addition to the high-quality nature of such posts – will definitely make search engines favor the post and rank you higher in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

2. Infographics

If a picture is really worth a thousand words, then passing your message with graphics will make it more easily understood by your prospect – 1,000 times more. Sure the measurement might not be accurate, but you get the idea.

This is one of the several SEO secrets of agencies, like

You’re probably thinking: yes, pictures are better than words, but how does that affect SEO? (I wondered too!)

Firstly, it’s been proven that an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than text. Infographics also get more engagement and social shares than text-based articles – because infographics are more fun to share.

Therefore, if Google ranks content based on relevance and usefulness, the more time spent on your infographics and the social shares it garners sends a signal to Google that makes the content rank high. To maximize this opportunity, just publish your infographic with some good textual content too.

3. Hijack broken links on Wikipedia

This is probably the most overlooked but easy SEO tactic.

It’s simple: if you visit Wikipedia often, you must have noticed words like “citation needed” beside several sentences. If you have useful content that fits that sentence (or if you can quickly write one), all you have to do is edit that section and submit your link as citation.

Your submission will be reviewed and then accepted if the moderators agree with your submission.

You can also use a tool like WikiGrabber to find dead links – and “citation needed” too. When you find a dead or broken keyword that needs replacement, simply submit yours as perfect reference.

Even if this doesn’t get you link juice due to Wikipedia’s no-follow nature, it would still positively affect your ranking by virtue of Wikipedia’s domain authority and trust level with search engines.