5 Reasons Why You Should Do a Redesign Of Your Corporate Website

The Web is constantly evolving and growing with a fast pace. Much of what is popular on the web today did not exist few years back, and will no longer exist in a few years. The social media for example, which is widely used today, were barely present a few years ago.

This rapid change of the web is a variable that companies must consider both for their website and their web marketing strategy.

The Web has its tendencies, just like fashion, music and cinema. If you do not follow the trends, you will be set aside by both users and search engines.

A website is never an end product: it must change at the same pace as the company changes, it must adapt to the taste of users, follow the wave of search engine ranking criteria.

Generally, after a year and a half to 2 years, if you have not modified your website in its structure and design (not just its content), it would be time to seriously consider doing a redesign of your website . This is the average lifetime of a static site.

Five (5) reasons to redesign your website

1. Improve Your Google Ranking For More Visibility

Google's classification algorithms are constantly changing and their ranking criteria are tailored to Web trends. Since the updates of the Panda and the Penguin , the ranking of websites has changed a lot.

Today's criteria for classifying a site are quite different from those of a year ago. Those who know how to adapt to these criteria of the algorithm can benefit from them in their ranking, while those who do not adapt will simply see their site gradually (or drastically) lose visitors so hard-won from the search engines.

It takes more than a few pages to rank well in Google: it takes a well structured site and optimized for the keywords you have targeted. It takes a site that is constantly updated, a site that has visual content and has social activity signals. It takes a fast site, which users enjoy and on which it is easy to navigate from one page to another. It takes a website that has external links from other relevant and quality websites. These are all good reasons to redo a website.

Google knows that the web changes quickly, and it expects webmasters and website owners to follow the wave of change. Their goal is to satisfy users' search experience.

2. Increase the conversion rate of your website from visitors to customers

The interaction of visitors with your website provides a powerful tool for analyzing what your visitors like and dislike about your site and its approach. Analyzing visitors' behavior with a tool like Piwik or Google Analytics lets you know how long visitors stay on each page, what they do, where they are coming from, and who they are.

When redesigning a website , it may be useful to do an overall analysis to determine the weaknesses and strong points of the website; The weak points can then be better corrected and the strengths highlighted. A new design, a new homepage, a few images here and there, a new approach, and you can suddenly have a conversion rate of 2, 3, or even 10 times higher.

In all cases, the strategy is always the same: test, test, test, analyze, rethink, optimize, and test again. Do not be afraid to try new approaches, but keep an eye on your statistics. If you are not an amateur of statistics, graphics and numbers, you can ask a little help from a web strategist.

Anyway, redesigning website is a great opportunity to optimize your website to have a better conversion rate from your visitors to customers.

3. Take control of your website

Web agencies have abused entrepreneurs in recent years. A few years ago, websites were manually coded in HTML, and editing a website required technical programming knowledge beyond the reach of most people.

Today the web has changed. While it is still difficult to properly draw and code the basic structure of a website, it is now much simpler for people to control and manage their sites themselves through open content management platforms and Open as WordPress. Websites can also be managed on various hosting platform, so comparing and contrasting from several options will help you make informed decisions.

Today it is very simple to modify your own site to add content, edit information or promotions. The era when web agencies forced you to go through them for any small modification to your website, and who were doing it with rather salty bills, is now over.

The redesign of your website can allow you to take control of your website by changing content management platform.

4. Stand out from the competition

Before redesigning your website, it may be helpful to take a look at your competitors' websites to see their approach. You can then take advantage of this to integrate aspects and functionalities that you find good in your competitors, and additionally add aspects that they lack and that will allow you to distinguish yourself and stand out.

Nowadays, people shop and compare a lot; So if your site contains something that sets you apart, this may be the element that makes the difference.

So take advantage of the opportunity to redo your website to do something different from your competitors!

5. Integrate new features into your website

Have you for a long time integrated an online store, social networking pages Facebook and Twitter, a comment section, a blog, a new service, or new products that you have developed? The redesign of website is the perfect opportunity to integrate new features .