NASA Reveals Searchable Image & Video Library

Over 400,000 Images, Videos and Audio Files at your Fingertips

NASA recently unveiled a new website, a searchable, online library which allows the public to easily access hundreds of thousands of breathtaking images, videos, and audio recordings from its archives. NASA has long been recognized for its striking photography of distant planets, galaxies and all things relating to the vast expanse beyond our world, and now accessing them is easier than ever.

Users can search images by keywords or metadata, or browse the library at their leisure, filtering content by popularity or most recent uploads.

Other features of the library include buttons for seamless sharing on social media. Photography enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that EXIF data is available for all images, including the exposure and type of lens utilized for each capture. Additionally, users have the option to download files at their original, high-resolution and also embed them in social media or websites.

While the library is not comprehensive, it represents the very best of what NASA has captured over the years, its seamless cloud interface will allow employees to automate their uploads in the future.

View some excerpts for the library in the gallery below, and for more information about NASA and its activities visit-

About NASA

NASA is a federal agency, under control of the executive branch of the United States government, responsible for research, development, and discovery of all things related to the vast expanse beyond our world. NASA coordinates research projects, experiments, and manned as well as unmanned space missions between itself, other US government agencies, and foreign aeronautics administrations.