Fun ways to visit Bali

Quick question: what do you picture when you hear the name "Bali?" If sun-soaked tropical beaches, exotic cocktails, and calm, tranquil landscapes come to mind, you're not far off!

Located in Indonesia, Bali is famed for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking natural landscapes, and volcanic mountains. No matter what kind of adventure you crave, you'll soon discover what makes Bali the ideal destination for anyone seeking a one-of-a-kind vacation spot. Whether you are a thrillseeker, yoga practitioner, or expeditionary adventurer, Bali has everything you could possibly wish for in a travel destination, and more! Here's what you need to know about the most amazing things to do and see on your Bali vacation.

Surf's Up!

Attention surfer dudes and dudettes- if you're looking to catch a wave, look no further than the Balinese beaches of Kuta, Legian, and Uluwatu. These prime surf spots have gained immense popularity with surfers over the decades, thanks to their extremely competitive prices and totally righteous waves. Next time you feel like hanging ten on your next vacation, consider heading to Bali!

Deep Dive

SCUBA enthusiasts from all over the world love the beaches of Bali for their low rates and extremely accessible diving spots. Not only that, but divers in Bali are all but guaranteed to see some of the most incredible underwater sights around- from shipwrecks to reefs to manta rays and even hammerhead sharks, you never know what you'll find on a dive in Bali.

Say "OM"

If you are a die-hard yoga practitioner, yoga instructor, or casual enthusiast, Bali offers some of the best yoga retreats in the world. Re-create your own version of "Eat, Pray, Love" with a relaxing, calm stay at a Bali yoga retreat.In between sessions that allow you to deepen your yoga practice, you will be able to experience everything Bali has available, from its rich culture to its delicious cuisine, all with guided tours of the top spots on the island. This rejuvenating, centering experience can transform your life long after you've returned from your vacation.

Bali is the ultimate travel destination for adventurers looking for more than just the typical beach experience. Thanks to the unique, rich culture of the Balinese people, as well as the level of hospitality you can expect when you visit, it's no surprise that Bali is on its way towards becoming one of the hottest vacation spots in the world. Today's the day to picture yourself in Bali for a vacation you'll never forget!