8 tips for downloading files from the Internet safely

Downloading any kind of file from the Internet is a mechanical and routine process that sometimes

hides more risks than we can see at first sight. Many programs or applications are a nest of malware that can infect our computer system or mobile device and cause us many headaches in the future. Let,s review some key guidelines to avoid downloading viruses and malicious applications following safety guidelines.

1. Go to the manufacturer,site

If we are going to download a program, add-on or definitely some file to update or complete our

equipment, it is always advisable to do it directly from the website of the manufacturer of a device in question (in the case of hardware for the computer for example) or the author of a certain software because it will help us to find unwanted surprises.

2. Use the evaluation version

Especially useful in the payment software, the evaluation version will help us to get an idea of ​​the

behavior and compatibility of the software with our team without having to make the leap to the final version and the disbursement that can be made. Unfortunately, this trial version is not available in all cases.

3. Use the official application stores

The malware can hide behind any download, but as a general rule, official application stores such as Windows Store, the Apple App Store or Google Play will perform a more comprehensive control than third-party application stores where quality controls are not as rigorous. there is greater freedom to publish

4. The manufacturer, version ... an ally against problems

Visiting the website of the manufacturer supposes to have an additional advantage and is that by using the version of those responsible for the software, we ensure that we have the latest version free of malicious modifications , unless some developer of dubious reputation is the one who has intentionally cast it by hiding it in the source code to infect our system.

5. Distrust free apps

The free can sometimes be very expensive, and although many applications release free versions for users, many times expect to get some kind of compensation for them, either through permits or in the most dangerous cases, with the installation of spyware in our computer system to collect private data from users. As always, it is advisable to have good references regarding the source of the files that we download and, in case of doubt, to be wary, as we have already mentioned on some occasion, especially in the case of mobile applications, we can find apps that can subscribe Premium services and increase our telephone bill.

6. Do not click on Internet links to download apps

Another golden rule we can follow to avoid installing any type of virus on our computer or mobile

devices is not to click on the Internet links to download the applications or programs. If we find a

message in a forum or web saying download this program it is always convenient to go directly to the original source by ourselves before clicking on that link , so we can not open doors to malicious applications that can be installed in our team.

7. To have active the antivirus in the downloads

With the best antivirus software it is better to prevent than to cure and therefore it is convenient

to have an IT security tool installed and active. Analyzing the download and being warned during

installation if malware is being leaked is vital. We have from free options such as the free version of Avast to more powerful security suites such as Kaspersky Internet Security packages.

Some of them can slow down the performance of our computer or cause some incompatibility in the system and for that reason we are tempted to leave them disabled. But at least when we are going to perform some download , it is convenient to have our shield active to detect any threat before downloading the file to our computer.

8. Malware tracker also on mobile

Mobile devices are not unprotected against these threats and we can also count on applications such as Conam Mobile that will be able to scan our Android mobile phone and notify us when there is a trace of a malicious app installed in the terminal. The good news is that some of them are free and serve to detect the danger even after downloading the file with malware.