Top Features and Benefits of High-Value Home Insurance

Whether you are purchasing your first ever dream home or you are planning to invest in some vacation property, the real estate investment is probably one of the long-term purchases. Gone are the days when the value of the home was limited to providing shelter to the families. Today, it is one of the crucial assets of every homeowner. Protection of a home becomes more important when you have invested in the costliest real estate deal. In order to keep your place from unpredictable incidents, it is pretty important to buy a high-value home insurance policy and ensure the safety of your living space.

Of course, you would have home insurance but are you certain that your home insurance policy covers all the vital and expensive parts of your property, apart from the structure? As the name itself suggests, high-value home insurance is one of those comprehensive home insurance policies that provide coverage for a home whose value is significantly higher than the average homes. Unlike the typical home insurance policy that is mostly confined to the structure of your property, high-value home insurance covers the personal property, bank cards, furniture and fixtures, vital contents of the home, and other such liabilities. Get to know about the benefits of high value home insurance at

Let's have a look at some features and benefits of high-value home insurance.

Features of High-Value Home Insurance

High-value home insurance is perhaps the best option for homeowners who want to safeguard their premises from accidents. This specific insurance is especially known for offering comprehensive coverage that covers the entire structure of your property including the contents in it and the liabilities. While typical home insurance is a good option for homeowners, it is not always the best when it comes to protecting a high-value property (that costs much more than the basic homes). Here we have come up with the common features of high-value home insurance. Read on:

  • It offers the entire property coverage, meaning it covers nearly all content in your home apart from its structure.
  • Glass breakage and vandalism.
  • Full cost replacement cover.
  • Coverage of the content of the property that is burglarized as well as the theft of any valuables when the homeowner or his family is not home.
  • It covers the costly and valuable items including but not limited to art, jewelry, electronic gadgets, antique articles, silverware, computers, furniture and fixture, and so on.
  • Provides coverage for any damage to the property that occurs in the presence or absence of the homeowner.
  • Backup of sewers and drains.
  • Replacement cost coverage for the interior and exterior structure of the building including the fences installed in the backyard.
  • Replacement cost coverage for damage caused to the personal belongings of the homeowner.
  • Lastly, it provides credit card coverage under personal liability.

The amount of risk covered in the high-value home insurance policy can vary depending on the insurance company you choose. Though the above-mentioned features are all that any high-value home insurance scheme would cover, there can be variations too. So, make sure to choose a reliable insurance provider to get the best insurance deal. In addition to that, it is advisable to go through the high-value home insurance policy thoroughly and learn the inclusions and exclusions.

Benefits of High-Value Home Insurance

One of the major benefits of high-value home insurance is its convenience and flexibility. The insurance providers will settle your claims without charging any depreciation on your personal assets, which means that you get full coverage on your valuable articles such as antique assets, jewelry, furniture, fixture, and so on. Here are some more benefits that you can expect from high-value insurance coverage:

  • Coverage for antique, exclusive, fine art, and wine collections that are too valuable to get damaged.
  • It offers comparatively higher policy limits for the personal articles of the homeowner, business use items, ornaments, landscaping, and the list goes on.
  • High-value home insurance offers additional living expenses, which facilitates a standard living environment. Basically, this policy covers the cost of providing a standard living home to the homeowner as long as the construction or repairing process is going on. In addition, it allows sufficient time to the homeowners to find the best architects and constructors to get their home rebuilt.  The standard home insurance policy does not offer this advantage to the homeowners.
  • It offers complimentary home inspection benefits that let homeowners get their home verified by the professionals. The professionals can assess the value of your home and provide a proper replacement value.

These were the features and advantages of the high-value home insurance policy. So, why wait? Find a reputable insurance provider and keep your home and personal belongings from burglary, potential damages due to natural calamities, and more.