Comfortis For Dogs Flea treatment Online

The flea infestation frequently catches us off guard. Despite taking the adequate measures, these pests somehow manage to sneak in and wreak havoc. Conditions can become worse faster if there are pet dogs at home. Pretty soon, the fleas become menacing, and even the residents of the house have to deal with flea bites.

As you know, the dogs are the potential carriers of fleas, surely you have tried everything possible to get rid of them, but failed. Finally, here is some good news. The Comfortis chewable flea tablets for dogs can treat the flea problem.

Key features of Comfortis for Dogs

Comfortis for dogs is a chewable flavored tablet, and the dogs usually find them to be delicious. For the unaware, it is the only known long term flea control to date. The pill is approved by the APVMA (Australia) and EPA (USA). The medicine initiates the flea elimination spree within four hours of consumption. Additionally, it is also capable of preventing re-infestation for a month. 

Comfortis is available in five different types of strengths, ranging from 90mg to 425mg. If you own a large pet dog, Comfortis of even higher strength is readily available, i.e., 665mg, 1040mg, and 1620mg. The product has a shelf life of three years, which makes it even more suitable for use. As you know, dogs are also vulnerable to ticks; you have to try a different product for dealing with it. Comfortis is only designated for handling fleas.

Advantages of Comfortis

Without a doubt, Comfortis is going to prove a dream product for the dog-owners. It starts killing fleas within 30 minutes of administration, and within four hours, all the adult fleas are obliterated.

Comfortis is also useful in preventing and treating Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). The condition usually calls in for a severe allergic reaction leading the dogs to be in distress.

The product saves you from the ordeal of dealing with the sticky pesticide residue on the fur of the dogs. The flavored chewable tablet is easy to administer to the pets, and you require to use it only once in a month.

Generally, the other known form of flea treatments imposes certain restrictions. For instance, you cannot wash or bath them after the treatment initiates. With Comfortis, there are no such restrictions, and you can wash your dog daily.

How Comfortis works

The product contains an essential ingredient, spinosad. It is an insecticide that causes over-stimulation of the flea nervous system. After administering Comfortis, the fleas will be unable to feed themselves. Soon they become paralyzed and succumb.

Interestingly, the active ingredient spinosad is detrimental for insects only. Thus, it is safe for administering it to the dogs. Since the product targets the nervous system, it works great even when the fleas have developed resistance to the conventional flea control products.You can search for Comfortis review to know more from various online resources.


One pill per month with the dog meal is the usual dosage. However, remember to use the right-sized product depending on the weight of the dog. The product can be used on adult dogs and also on puppies who are more than 14 weeks old. You should consult with your vet once before you initiate the use of the product to know more.

Comfortis side effects

Comfortis can have specific side effects. Based on the experiences of those who have used the product earlier, the dogs may vomit, tremble, get excessive saliva, decreased appetite, and lethargy. Generally, vomiting is the most known side effect, but this should not last for long. Owing to its overall benefits, you should not consider this side effect to be dangerous.

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to consult a vet before administering Comfortis. Some dogs can be overly sensitive to such products; in that case, the vet will schedule the best dosage. You should also take precautions to avoid overdosage.

The product should not be used on dogs who suffer from epilepsy and the dogs that weigh less than 1.3 Kg.

Safety of use

Clinical tests confirm Comfortis is safe for dogs when you are using the right dosage and the proper strength. So, try it out and see how well it handles the flea infestation.