Mr Stairs Defining the Staircase Design Industry in the UK

When it comes to innovative design and ingenuity, we often look towards the manufacturing business. This is where we can find some of the best examples of unexpected example of how businesses are defining the way they operate within their industry. One remarkable find we just came across is that of Mr Stairs – a staircase design company that is breaking down barriers for its customers when it comes to getting the job done!

Mr Stairs has broken down its services into commercial and residential. However, this is nothing new in the world of manufacturing or service providers within the property industry. The reason this company stands out is its onsite stair builder application. 

What is the Mr Stairs Application?

It is an interactive web-based application that helps you design your staircase to spec while online. The application walks you through the motions you would need to go through if you were to have a staircase engineer come to your home and listen to your ideas and inspect the area where the staircase will be constructed with the final inevitable quote to follow. 

As you are doing this online, you firstly save costs. Although many staircase builders will come and offer a free quotation, you will have to wait for an appointment. Also, during that time, you may be clueless as to how to explain how you want your staircase built. Mr Stairs' online staircase building application eliminates the waiting time. 

You literally go onto the website, navigate to the staircase building application, and follow the east to follow step-by-step guide. 

Ideal for Commercial Property Development

The job in hand for most commercial business owners, be they construction companies or a privately owned business is getting a quote. For large construction companies building housing estates, the web-based stair design application is incredibly useful.

Imagine being a construction firm, you are building multiple houses in the same estate. You have different types of houses to build within the new project. Some are will also use the same design, but the staircase will face a different direction. The job for the construction firm is easy. Simply enter the details, measurements, and build type and the Mr Stairs staircase application will take the design, send a quote, and go ahead and begin manufacturing the staircases for installation. 

Other Way Mr Stairs Looks Impressive

As we browsed further through the Mr Stairs website moving away from the technological side of things, we also noticed that the company offers several other services. Different designs for timber posts on stairs, staircase parts delivered within 25 hours across the United Kingdom. What’s more, is all this comes with an FCS Approved Material cert so the company is actively involved in making sure it does its part for the environment. 

Overall, it is great to discover innovation in an industry we really did not expect to find it. We would expect designers to have a CAD design program to design stairs, but we did not anticipate a staircase design company coming up with a web-based application that would help its customers create the design themselves.