Can Tourists Drive In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. From the good road networks to the high rise buildings in the city, Dubai has an amazing environment that is begging to be exploited. Also, the beautiful desert landscape provides for more tourist destinations in the city. If you are thinking of the next city to visit for tourism purposes, Dubai is the place you should go.


Every year, thousands of tourists come into Dubai through the two airport terminals that are available in Dubai International Airport. The number of people trooping into Dubai everyday have made Dubai International Airport, the 10th busiest Airport in the world. Dubai city offers a high level of hospitality for people that are coming into the city for tourism purposes. 

In Dubai, tourists are allowed to drive cars. Government allowed tourists to drive only rental cars in previous years. However, new regulations by the government now allow tourists to buy and own cars in Dubai. Buying a car in Dubai is not advisable for any tourist in the city. This is because when you want to go back to your country, you will have to sell the car and you will end up selling it at a price that is below the cost of the car. The other alternatives are to either Rent a Car Dubai or the public transportation systems. Dollar Rent a car has been proven to be the best option between the two alternatives, as it offers a higher level of comfort and excitement than the public transportation systems in Dubai. To rent a car in Dubai, the following requirements must be met by a tourist; 

  1. Minimum Age Limit

A tourist must be up to the age of 18 years before he/she can drive a car in Dubai. For tourists that are seeking to rent a car in Dubai, Car Rental Dubai sets the minimum age limit at 21 years. Furthermore, if you are a tourist and you want to rent a luxurious car in Dubai, some car rentals in Dubai set the minimum age limit at 25 years. The minimum age limit is one requirement you must satisfy as a tourist before you can rent a car in Dubai. 

2.Valid Driver's License

Another important requirement that you must satisfy by any tourist before using the services of Rent a Car Dubai is the presentation of a valid driver's license to the car rental company. The valid driver’s license for tourists in Dubai is either an International Driver's License or European Driver's License. However, tourists from GCC, UK, US, Canada and certain other countries can drive on their home country driver's license in Dubai.

3.Other documents 

Besides the valid driver's license, other documents that are required from a tourist before renting a car in Dubai includes; passport copy, visit visa copy and an international driving permit. These documents must be provided by a tourist before he or she can rent a car in Dubai. 

4.Security Deposit

Car Rental Dubai will require an advanced fee known as the "security deposit" before a tourist can rent a car in Dubai. This is because when a tourist pays the security deposit for a car, he or she will be committed to the car rental deal and it will also establish a mutual understanding between the car rental company and the tourist. Generally, luxurious cars have a higher security deposit than cheaper cars. Security deposit is another requirement by Rent a Car Dubai for any tourist that wants to rent a car in Dubai. 

5.Insurance charges

As a tourist, it is your responsibility to provide insurance cover for the rental car. Before you rent a car in Dubai, Car Rental Dubai normally provides some insurance cover for the rental car in line with the insurance policy of the car rental company. This insurance cover is provided at an insurance charge that is affordable for tourists. However, if you are not comfortable with the insurance cover provided by Rent a Car Dubai, you can employ the services of a private insurance company to provide insurance cover for the rental car. 

6.Salik charges

Salik or toll charges are normally required by car rental companies in Dubai due to the taxes imposed by the government. As a tourist, if you want to avoid paying Salik or toll charges, you can use a GPS device installed in your rental car to avoid routes that have tolls. Salik charges are another thing that will be required from a tourist before he/she will rent a car in Dubai. 

7.Fuel Charges

Car Rental Dubai includes fuel charges in the car rental deal because the terms of most car rental companies clearly stipulates that an individual must re-fill the tank of the rental car before returning the car. However, if a tourist does not want to pay the fuel charges, he/she must re-fill the car before returning it to the car rental company. 

In conclusion, Rent a Car Dubai offers car rental services for tourists on a short term or long term car rental. However, before you can rent a car as a tourist, you must be up to the age of 21 years or more. Also, you must present your International or European driver's license in addition to other documents stated in this article. Also, security deposit, insurance charges, fuel charges and Salik charges will be required from you before you can rent a car. As a tourist before renting a car, always ensure you read their terms and conditions of the car rental company very well to avoid making mistakes.