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Fire and Water Damage Repair by J.P. Gallagher Construction, Inc.

Water or Fire damage in your home is a costly problem. Anything that’s damaged by these two elements can not be ignored. Any fire damage leaves toxic soot and residue that’s harmful to even just being in the presence of. Whilst water damage can be home to bacteria, can develop molds and fungi, that are also harmful to breathe in, and generally be in your environment. It’s no surprise that at JP Gallagher Construction Inc, they take their water damage restoration in Sacramento, or Sacramento fire damage repair seriously. Any fire damage, no matter how small, should always be attended to as soon as possible. Since the chemicals and the residue a fire leaves behind is harmful to our health, there should always be an instant urge to clean up this damage. Water damage on the other hand, is a slow developing destruction before it is noticed by a home owner. Most water damages can either be caused by extreme weather, like storms, but most of the time, it’s caused by unnoticed leaking pipes that are embedded within the walls of our homes. The fact that these pipelines are not visible means that we cannot distinguish a leak until it has already done severe damage that has penetrated through our walls. This constant moisture within our walls from a leaking pipe can definitely be a cause for concern as mold, fungi and algae can develop. We could be inhaling all these harmful bacteria without even knowing it. To determine a water pipe leak, look out for increase in your water bill. And discoloration of walls near any sink in your home.

The professionals at JP Gallagher take any water damage or fire damage very seriously. It’s one of their many restoration and repair services in which they value the importance of not only doing the job well, but thoroughly. They make sure to prioritize the safety and well-being of their clients. This is why they have an extensive process for both their water damage restoration in Sacramento, or Sacramento fire damage repair

For their water damage repair, the professionals at JP Gallagher assure a quick response. Any water damage can become worst either really slowly, or really fast. And this is why when any damage is reported, JP Gallagher responds as soon as possible. With water damage, it can start from a small area and going very quickly to a larger one. And with the nature of the element, there’s no surprise that it can spread anywhere. So part of the important water damage restoration in Sacramento process is a thorough inspection. Your walls, your pipelines, the source of the damage, and the extent of it, will all be considered before a plan is created to fix it. It is important because there are so many different ways water can damage your home, or your belongings, and a thorough inspection means that a thorough clean-up, restoration and repair can be done. After the inspection, JP Gallagher professionals offer to do a large number of services that will help restore and repair your damaged areas in your home. 

1. Water Damage Demolition

2. Water Damage Clean-up

3. Rot Damage Repairs

4. Structural Repairs

5. Drywall Repairs

6. Painting Services

These services are done promptly, and with extreme care. It’s important for the professionals at JP Gallagher, that they not only do a thorough repair and clean-up of anything that is damaged, but they will also assure that this type of damage will not occur again. You will be advised on how to avoid this incident in the future, how to see early signs of water damage and how to make sure you are safe each time. 

For the Sacramento fire damage repair at JP Gallagher, it’s also no surprise that they take their repair and restoration seriously as any fire damage, small or big, can have an extremely dangerous aftermath when it comes to the soot and chemicals it leaves behind. They too respond as soon as possible when they are called for a fire damage repair. The process starts with an inspection, of not just the damaged area, but the cause of the fire, to help you avoid this in the future. Do not attempt to clean fire damage yourself. First, because it is not advisable for your health, and second, because you may be causing more damage than you think. It takes specific professional training to be able to clean out toxic chemicals left behind by fire. So leave it to the professionals at JP Gallagher to do so.  As part of their the Sacramento fire damage repair, they offer complete services to cater to all the possible damages you may need repair for. 

1. Fire Damage Repairs

2. Smoke Damage Restoration

3. Soot Damage Clean-up

4. HVAC Ductwork Cleaning

5. Structural Repairs

6. Drywall Repairs

7. Painting Services