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How to Prepare Yourself for The Microsoft Specialist Certification Exam

How to Prepare Yourself for The Microsoft Specialist Certification Exam

Important Measures to pass Microsoft Certification Exam:

Credentials aid a person to get in front. A resume that keeps the equilibrium by having credentials such as a degree and certifications, along with practical experience in the respected field, will be the strongest resume by far. Thus credentials are definitely very important, and one easier and sure-fire way to get credentials is to sit certification exams.

Microsoft offers a wide range of competitive Certification exams for many of its applications, software products, technologies, and solutions. Microsoft certification authenticates IT professional and developer technical expertise through precise, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. Microsoft exams are famous for being difficult, but there are some things that you can do to make your probability of passing your exam a bit more favorable.

Prior to continuing reading my Article, you must keep one thing in your mind that; this is not an “instant solution” or a “quick fix” to pass your Microsoft certification exam. I don’t have some secret formula to guarantee you pass with 100% marks. The Microsoft exam is truly difficult and the only way to pass it securing excellent marks is by working hard and lot of preparation! If you’re scared of working hard to achieve your goals, it’s better to quit now …The purpose of this article is to share all the resources and important measures that I used when taking the Microsoft exam myself.

First of all, it’s important to set yourself a target. Setting yourself a target motivates and fuels you. If you are paying for this exam yourself just like me, you’ll really want to make certain you give the exam your best attempt!!

Let me tell you frankly what important steps and measures I took to make the enchantment take place with passing Microsoft exam. Here’re tried-and-true methods for passing a Microsoft Exam successfully:


Select the right certification path, based on your objectives, passion, and market requirement. After selecting the correct Microsoft Certification exam for yourself, the most important thing you have to do before starting studies for the exam is to expose, what are the objectives of the exam that you want to take. Basically, the exam objectives tell you what to study for! You can find the exam objectives under the “Skills Measured” section on the official page of Microsoft exam you are going to take. It's the core measure of what you will be tested on, and it's a great checklist to utilize as a guide for any Microsoft Exam.

Study thoroughly:

After choosing your line of action, you can either get trained from an institute or many websites on the internet. If not, you can do the hard work yourself. You must start your prep with a thorough study of all the objectives and course contents of your Microsoft exam. This is pretty straight forward: study hard! But it needs to be repeated often. More significantly is to study smart. The quality study is much more advantageous than quantity study. Therefore, you must read the books that are recommended on the official page by Microsoft. Some people find it tough to sit down and read a book. I get that but you should at least try, it would be much beneficial.

Lab Practice:

After having a thorough study of course contents, you need to have a practical with this stuff. If you don’t have your own test lab capable of running all the scenarios you'll be tested on, get training. There are many institutes in every country which provide lab training for various certifications, and that too from Microsoft Certified Trainers. In this regard watching video lab training can be a great substitute if you cannot afford training institute or cannot set up your own lab, but the best prep is when you can personally work with the solution you are testing on. And working in job environment alone isn't sufficient. You cannot assume all the questions port directly to real-world scenarios always. Sometimes the questions are little difficult to understand points or aspects of the solution you never, ever use in a production environment. Thus the personal lab work is a key to all problems.

I suggest basing your home lab on something as simple as Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. It doesn't cost you anything and the free trial versions of Microsoft software usually include all the features but for a limited time period.

Training and practicing:

Find the training and practicing methods that best fit your learning style and your schedule. The next thing you must do is to get as much practice as possible. On the internet, there are many websites which are offering the practice study packages provided with the best study material. Most of them have structured their study material according to the course contents. There are lots of questions answers which are multiple choice, scenario-based, drag and drop, etc. The key here is to practice as much as possible. Check out the internet for websites where you can get lots of practice exercises or make up some of your own. But I must recommend here a few best websites which I used to prepare and practice my Microsoft Exam. These are as Follows:

You can find the best study material here that will help you greatly to prepare and practice your Microsoft Certification Exam complete syllabus. I personally found this study material best because of its availability in the following two formats:

• Practice Test Software:

Online Practice test software is one of the most effectual Methods which facilitate you to get ready easily for Certification Exams. This software presents detailed explanations for the correct and incorrect answers and helps you to comprehend the core concepts of the exam objectives. And provide the similar atmosphere like that of the real exam.

• PDF Format:

Study material available in PDF file format can be used on many different devices For example PC, Tablet, Smartphone, and laptop. It increases the chances of success as it would be available anywhere at any time according to your ease of use. Here in PDF file, a brief explanation of every question is also present to clarify the contents.

Hopefully, these tips can help you greatly to prepare for your Microsoft certification exam challenge. Wish you best of luck!!!