Julie Neal Wilson

Maverick on Big Horn Ave to re-open Wednesday

Maverick on Big Horn Ave to re-open Wednesday

Maverick on Big Horn Ave to re-open Wednesday

After a one-month shut down, the Maverick on Big Horn in Cody will re-open Wednesday at midnight and be ready to serve their regulars their Wednesday morning coffee and breakfast.

“I miss my regulars,” said Crystal Gullickson, Store Director. “The entire staff is so ready to open.”

20161018_124248.jpgAlthough the entire store saw some sort of transformation, the most obvious change is the murals throughout the store. A company out of Salt Lake City measured the store and installed the mural like wallpaper.




More subtle, but bigger changes included moving the kitchen to the north side of the store and making it much bigger. Customers can see into the kitchen where more employees can work together to bake the cookies, cinnamon rolls and donuts. They also make sandwiches, wraps and salads every day.

“The cookies are made with real butter,” said Gullickson, “the Lemon Heaven one is my favorite, you’ve got to try that one.”

Other changes include state of the art fixtures in the bathrooms which have the soap, water and hand drier in one place over the sink.


The units that housed some of their product were six-feet high. Now, they are lower and offset counters allowing one to see the whole store from the moment you walk in. 20161018_123902.jpg

Gorgeous non-slip flooring tiles that look like hardwood.


“I’ve been with Maverick for six years and this is the first time we’ve closed.” Gullickson said. “Even throughout the construction project, we were only partially closed because the pumps were open most of the time. The pumps were only closed for an hour to work on the power.”

The store is usually open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and employs a crew of 15 to 20 full time employees. The entire staff was able to maintain the same number of hours throughout the project by working at other stores and manning the store 24 hours a day even while under construction.

Wednesday starts a soft opening to allow time to make sure the store is fully stocked. A Grand opening celebration is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 4.